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NOW Foods Orange Oil Sweet, 4 ounce

The citrusy aroma of orange oil has made it a favorite among aromatherapists and everyday users.  In addition to its ability to inspire feelings of warmth and cleanliness, NOW® Orange Oil is cold-pressed and mixes well with other NOW essential oils.

Product Features

  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • Citrus sinensis
  • Aromatherapeutic – GC/IR Verified

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3 comments to NOW Foods Orange Oil Sweet, 4 ounce

  • Jancal

    Great-smelling all natural summer insect repellent NOW Foods makes terrific natural oil products, and I have two that I particularly count on: the peppermint oil, which is great for repelling mice and spiders in winter, and this sweet orange oil, which is super for repelling all manner of summer bugs including mosquitoes, bees, ants etc. My method of application is to pour some of the orange oil onto a cotton ball or paper towel, and then rub liberally on the entrance door bottom baffle, up the sides of the entrance door, and and on bottom of window frames, and if you have any in-house bugs, to rub it around the bottom wall borders where you have seen the bugs. A second method of application is to pour the bottle’s contents into a small spray bottle (the type you find in a store’s dollar aisle) and spray it on instead of rubbing, using a paper towel to wipe any drip lines. This oil acts as a barrier to discourage bugs from entering your home, as they absolutely hate the smell of orange oil. There is a faint orange smell that dissipates after an hour or so, and just remember to reapply after a rain for the outdoor applications. A pleasant all natural bug repellent that is harmless to people and pets.

  • M. Crew

    Very good quality & value I use this oil in my diffuser as an air freshner. It has a very good scent that smells like natural orange (not like a chemical or a synthetic). It lasts a long time.

  • Coifure Mixtress

    Great aroma I use this in my homemade body oil. The aroma is lasting and the 4 oz goes a long way because you only need a touch.

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