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NOW Foods Lavender & Tea Tree Oil, 1 ounce

Aroma: Soft, floral. Benefits: Renewing, cleansing, stimulating.

Product Features

  • 100% Pure & Natural

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3 comments to NOW Foods Lavender & Tea Tree Oil, 1 ounce

  • maddy88

    got here quick! got here quickly and is what was expected. I had hoped that the lavender smell might have been more pronounced to cover the tea tree oil smell a little more, however neither is too overpowering. I use a lil bit in my laundry with white vinegar as a fabric softner and it comes out smelling fresh and clean! thanks!

  • A. Hecker

    good stuff i used to wash my face twice a day to keep my acne down. but that dryed out my skin and then it produced more oils which gave me more acne. so i switched to washing my face in the morning with facial scrub and rinsing it off at night with the shower head. my skin was still pritty dry but not as bad and it still kept my acne down. now after the shower i apply jojoba oil and then this tea tree lavender oil. it works pritty good and i have seen an improvement in the past 2 weeks. it doesnt irritate my skin like proactive and benzoyl peroxide. whenever i use it alone, my skin turns alittle read for 5-10 minutes but the jojoba oil neutralizes that and makes my skin oily without clogging my pours. tea tree oil is an antibactieral so they work well together. the tea tree oil smells strong though so the lavender is a must.

  • Lisa

    Fight fungus! I had been battling toe nail fungus without much luck. Then I did some research and found that both tea tree oil and lavender oil had anti-fungal properties. So, I thought, “I’ll give it a go.” I have seen great improvement after applying this mixture with grape seed oil. I apply it nightly with a cotton ball. This is what I’m doing externally. I take cod liver oil internally to treat the inside. My toe nail was black and had pulled away from the nail bed. I’m so glad it has reconnected and the black is going away. Smells great too!

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