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Now Foods Almond Oil Sweet 4 Oz

Obtaining soft, glowing, beautiful skin has never been easier. Almond oil, a natural vegetable-derived extract that dates back to ancient times, nourishes and revives the skin without clogging pores.NOW Almond Oil is easily absorbed and works wonderfully as both a face and body moisturizer. After washing your face, simply massage 3-5 drops of NOW Almond Oil onto your face, playing close attention to the areas around the eyes, for skin thats naturally exquisite.

Product Features

  • Almond Oil

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3 comments to Now Foods Almond Oil Sweet 4 Oz

  • JACK "audio aficionado"

    Head to Toe Moisturizing I began to use almond oil to address a dry scalp and brittle hair issue. Little did I know when I bought my first bottle that I’d stumbled onto a miracle oil that serves as an excellent moisturizer from head to toe. I massage in a small amount after a bath and my skin is supple (it also has the slight glow another reviewer wrote of!). I began pressing a small amount of the oil into my face as the ultimate test. So far, it’s softened the few lines I have with no clogged pores or allergic reactions. I may never go back to the expensive creams I’d been using as a nighttime moisturizer. Oh, and as for the dry scalp, my hair is soft and there is markedly reduced breakage. Almond oil is IT.

  • Sac Sue

    Great price for moisturizing oil I have used almond oil as a body and facial moisturizer for about two years now. It soaks in quickly, has no odor and does not leave a sticky residue on the skin. It is also a great massage oil. The price is less than half of what you would pay in a health food store. I keep it in a dark closet and it stays fresh. I pour it into smaller squeeze bottles for everyday use.

  • Kinnyb

    LOVE IT! Love the product. The product was delivered before delivery date. I was concerned that the product was not 100% almond oil. After receiving the product I completely satisfied.The oil is light and absorbed quickly. I am a huge olive oil fan (for skin and hair) I will replace the olive oil with almond oil in my skin and hair care regimen.

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