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NEST Fragrances NEST08-GF Grapefruit Scented Reed Diffuser

The grapefruit reed diffuser by nest fragrances includes notes of pink pomelo grapefruit and watery nuances that are blended with lily of the valley and coriander blossom. The nest diffusers are carefully crafted with the highest quality fragrance oils and are designed to continuously fill your home with a lush, memorable fragrance. The alcohol-free formula releases fragrance slowly and evenly into the air for approximately 90 days. To intensify the fragrance, occasionally flip the reeds over. 

Product Features

  • 5.9 fluid-ounces reed diffuser
  • Last for 90 days
  • Always use your reed diffuser on a stable surface. remove the bottle stopper and place the hand-crafted feeds in the bottle.
  • Alcohol-free formula

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3 comments to NEST Fragrances NEST08-GF Grapefruit Scented Reed Diffuser

  • 4 Fleurs

    grapefruit diffusers and candles by Nest These candles are sensational. The smell is very similar to the Fresh brand’s scent Sugar. It’s light and clean, not really grapefruit-y, just fresh and slightly sweet. I use them in the kitchen, but they would be lovely in a bedroom or bathroom too. The diffuser is an indentical scent to the candle and the reeds hold the perfume for longer than a lot of others I have purchased. I have purchased Cire Trudon and Diptyque from Barneys New York and they’re wonderful as well but significantly more expensive. Try their Holiday candle at Christmas, it’s exactly like the Annick Goutal Noel scent.

  • lynnm

    My favorite of all time! If you have dogs like I do, or any smelly pet (or person) in your home use this diffuser in every bathroom/problem area and you will love the smell when you enter your home. I have one in each bathroom and in my home office – it cheers me up when I walk into the room. Nest products are wonderful but this scent is just off the charts amazing! It lasts a very long time and is well worth the price.

  • Lisa Green

    Bright and fresh scent that fills the room Nest diffusers are the best! The scents are always lovely and never smell “artificial” or cheap (I have tried several scents). Plus, they actually diffuse and fill a room, unlike those weak diffusers that you can’t detect the aroma of unless your nose is inches away from the reeds.Grapefruit scent is very bright and clean like you would imagine a citrus scent to be. I use it in my master bathroom. It is very large for bathroom but it is still not as big as most rooms you would use a diffuser in, so the scent is quite strong the first few weeks. But even when the scent is very strong, it is never cloying or too much.The Nest diffusers seem to last about 8-10 weeks in my house. I live in a mild climate with a fair bit of moisture in the air – these diffusers might last longer or shorter for you depending on the average temperature and humidity in your house.

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