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Neroli Oil 100% Pure Therapeutic & Finest Grade Neroli Essential Oil, Organic & Undiluted, 1 oz

Neroli Essential Oil by Poppy Austin®

100% pure, organically distilled and harvested fresh: November 2016

The Poppy Austin philosophy is simple. We use only the finest, most ethically sourced ingredients to produce hair, skin and wellbeing products that are as close to their natural state as possible.

Our richly divine Neroli Oil is no exception.

We start with the fragrant flowers of the bitter orange tree. Harvested fresh and hand picked to perfection on the very day they begin to bloom. Timing is everything, we leave nothing to chance.

Each batch is then distilled – slowly – and bottled in tiny quantities to preserve the quality, consistency and integrity of every single drop.

Production is manual and incredibly time consuming, but the end result is well worth the wait.

An organic, 100% pure, therapeutic grade Neroli Essential Oil with absolutely nothing added or taken away.

Poppy Austin® Neroli Essential Oil

✔ Use diluted on skin, with a diffuser or inhaled
✔ For plump, fresh, deeply nourished and rejuvenated skin
✔ Smooths stretch marks, acne scars and hyper-pigmentation
✔ Tackles fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and crows feet
✔ Lightens anxiety, stress and symptoms of depression
✔ Naturally lowers blood pressure and hypertension
✔ Treats cuts and wounds against bacterial infection
✔ Can be used to bathe, massage and relax muscles
✔ Use before bedtime for the perfect night’s sleep

This elegant and authentic Neroli Oil from Poppy Austin® is the real deal. For best results, dilute with a damp cotton ball for use on skin.

DO NOT accept cheap, watered down factory-made imitations, loaded with synthetic and carrier oils, with just a fraction of pure Neroli in the finished bottle.

★This product comes with a 30 day MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE★

[Fresh Batch: Bottle Stamped, Nov 2016] A Poppy Austin® original product

Product Features

  • 100% PURE NEROLI – This is an authentic Poppy Austin®, 100% pure therapeutic grade Neroli Essential Oil (citrus aurantium), with nothing added or taken away; Beware of other inferior products, that use cheap synthetic and carrier oils watered down and rebranded as Neroli Oil
  • FINEST GRADE QUALITY – Harvested fresh and organically distilled in small batches to preserve the healing and restorative qualities of every last drop; We use only the finest, hand picked flowers of the bitter orange tree for a beautifully captivating and intoxicating floral aroma
  • FOR HEALTHY SKIN – Rich in natural antioxidants, our 100% organic Neroli is one of the best pure essential oils for your skin; An indulgent daily treatment to regenerate and restore skin elastin, and to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars and hyper pigmentation
  • FOR HEALTHY MIND – This truly multipurpose oil can be applied topically, used with your favorite diffuser or inhaled; It’s beautifully calming and relaxing scent acts as an all natural tranquilizer to relieve depression, stress related conditions and help alleviate digestive issues
  • MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE – Bottled in the USA at our women operated facility, and never (ever) tested on animals, our 100% pure Neroli Essential Oil is free from toxins, fillers, parabens, additives, and chemicals; It is sold with a 30 day manufacturer money back guarantee

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