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Nature’s Way Chamomile, 60 Capsules

Chamomile is used for it’s soothing effects and ability to support normal tone in the digestive tract. It has long been used as an after meal and bedtime drink. Now you can have the health benefits of chamomile in a convenient concentrated extract.

Product Features

  • 60 Capsules

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3 comments to Nature’s Way Chamomile, 60 Capsules

  • S. Smith "a98hoya"

    Great for Anxiety & Stress My doctor advised me to purchase the standardized Chamomile capsules by Nature’s Way as part of his treatment plan for my anxiety. I admit that I was surprised to find a “western MD” so informed about the properties of herbs. He explained how, in my case, the Chamomile would work with and actually enhance the effectiveness of my prescription medication. I was also instructed that I could not just buy any chamomile I found on a store shelf. It was important that the product be “standardized” – meaning that the dosage/purity wouldn’t vary from capsule to capsule – and that it be made as if a pharmaceutical product.Nature’s Way’s Chamomile, Standardized, turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. On a performance level, I can honestly tell you that, after using the product as my doctored ordered for 12 weeks, I am finding the calm within the storm that has become my life. I take 1 pill in the morning and another at bedtime in conjunction with additional elements of his treatment plan – both pharmaceutical and therapeutic.If you have a serious anxiety problem, Chamomile alone will not help. However, if you are stressed at work, pulling your hair out dealing with the kids, taking care of an elderly relative or are anxious/stressed for millions more reasons than I can list, give the Chamomile a try. It really may help…

  • abr

    Sleep Aid I’ve been using this product for about 4 months now and I am very satisfied with it as a sleep aid. I’ve had trouble falling and staying asleep all of my life but have no interest in sleep medication, but decided to try this and found that after about a week or so of use, taking one tablet about 30 minutes before bed, I was falling asleep faster and not waking up as much, and if I did wake up I was able to fall right back asleep. I stopped using it for a few weeks and fell right back into my normal sleepless routine, so I’m sticking with it now. The bottle does mention it has benefits to the digestive system, but I cannot say that I’ve noticed any improvement in that area, so I can’t speak to that.

  • Anonymous

    These pills were great. They had a good expiration date (a couple years) and they worked wonders. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to relieve stress :)

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