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NaturEarth Indian Peppermint Oil 4 oz 100% Pure Premium Essential Oil

Peppermint has a powerful, sweet, menthol aroma which, when inhaled undiluted, can make the eyes water and the sinuses tingle. Peppermint oil can be both energizing and soothing due to peppermint’s unique aroma and the constituent menthol At first cooling and bracing, then warming and comforting, the body and mind seem to tune into and benefit from the needed characteristic.

Product Features

  • 100% Pure & Natural from Premium Indian Peppermint
  • Botanical Name: Mentha Piperita
  • Aromatherapy Grade
  • Steam distilled without solvents

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3 comments to NaturEarth Indian Peppermint Oil 4 oz 100% Pure Premium Essential Oil

  • MLV "buyingal"

    Nice strong scent. I use this as one of the ingredients for fly spray for my horse. The oil has a strong scent that compements the other ingredients in the mixture. My husband uses the same for a deer repellent mixture.

  • Anonymous

    Great product. Use it all the time and love the smell. Awesome stuff! Will definitely buy again! Great bargain! Word

  • Anonymous

    Whether your feet need a soak or your entire body needs a pampering with a muscle soak, ths stuff opens the pores and cools the skin.

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