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Mouse Away Concentrate, 2 oz.

Mouse Away Concentrate is all natural- made with an exclusive formula that combines pure Peppermint Oil with pure Spearmint Oil in just the right combination to provide maximum repellency. Mouse Away does not harm rodents at all – they simply hate the smell and move away ASAP. These Essential Oils of Peppermint and Spearmint smell so wonderful that it seems almost a shame to use them for chasing away mice and other rodents but, Mouse Away WORKS. Our friends who live in the high mountains had a terrible problem with mice eating the wiring harness in their car. They tried everything with no luck but, finally, they gave our Mouse Away a try. They just sprinkled it around under their hood and two days later – no more mice. Also, we’ve sold quite a bit to folks living in the Bronx – so it works on big city rodent problems too. Use “straight” or use to recharge our Mouse Away Solid Pouches. Available in 2oz

Product Features

  • All natural ingredients
  • Peppermint/Spearmint Oil.
  • Provides maximum rodent repellency.
  • Use “straight” or use to recharge our Mouse Away Solid Pouches
  • Rodent Repellent

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2 comments to Mouse Away Concentrate, 2 oz.

  • skangirl

    Keeps mice from nesting in hot tub motor compartment I’ve had trouble keeping mice out of the motor compartment of the hot tub on my deck. (They nest and leave droppings, etc.) This product is not poisonous but it definitely keeps the mice from partying under the tub. Mouse-away smells strongly of peppermint, though I only notice the smell for the first few days after I apply it. I use several of the pouches, saturated with a couple droppers of the liquid concentrate. Important: Remember to re-apply the liquid every 4 weeks or the mice will return. Even more important: Make sure that the bottle has a solid top. Some bottles have a rubber dropper cap that falls apart (I assume from contact with the liquid), leaking the liquid all over the place.The people at Maine Supply are extremely nice and service is outstanding.

  • Chelle "Wichita, Kansas"

    Mouse away….makes a great air freshener! I bought this product and the little sachet pouches to put it in to try and keep mice out of my 30 ft pull behind camper trailer that we use practically every weekend. We couldn’t keep enough traps baited and enough holes taped and stuffed with steel wool to keep the mice out. I read some of the glowing reviews on this product and decided that I had to at least try it. I ordered the biggest bottle and two sets of the sachets. Well, my camper smells absolutely wonderful. That much I can attest to. However, the mice could have cared less that the product was there. I actually found mouse droppings on the little sachets that I had thoroughly saturated with this concentrate. Now my camper smells fantastic and so does my car since I went ahead and tossed one of the failed sachets into it just for the smell. But still have had the mouse problem. Tons of mice!!!!! I then bought Shake Away Rodent repellent fox urine granules and sprinkled those around the outside of my camper and am happy to say that I no longer have a mouse problem. My camper smells great and this product will definitely make a great air freshener but it does absolutely nothing to keep mice away from anything.

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