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Monoi Santal (coconut oil w/ sandalwood) 4 Ounces

The exotic scent of sandalwood is perfect for the man or woman who enjoy a non-floral fragrance.

Product Features

  • 4 Ounces Liquid
  • Serving Size:

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2 comments to Monoi Santal (coconut oil w/ sandalwood) 4 Ounces

  • Liliana C. "Liliana"

    Love it I’ve been using it on my hair for six weeks and it has increased the shine and health of my hair. My hair is long, to my thighs, so I need something serious to maintain the ends. I know that coconut oil is one of the few oils that will penetrate the cortex of the hair to make it strong and this product contains three ingredients all of which I can pronounce. The fragrance is maybe a bit sharp, but I only use it on my hair and I like how it lingers a little while on my hands. The smell reminds me of soda for some reason. I apply the tiniest amount to my hair when dry after washing, and sometimes a lot before I wash it. I attribute the compliments I’ve gotten on my hair lately to this oil.

  • Jay Boba

    Kind of similar to Nars, but still pleasant! Very moisturizing oil. It gets solid when it’s chilly, but just bring the bottle into the shower with you and it will be 100% liquid by the time you are done. I bought this because I could not really afford the Nars Body oil anymore ($55). It doesn’t smell the exact same as the Nars body oil, but if you let it settle on your skin for a few minutes, the smell will change a little to be closer to Nars. It still smells wonderful and it’s quite moisturizing. I have eczema and this does not irritate my skin at all. The tropical scent will help you relax and think of wonderful warm beaches… even if you are stuck in the library with a 10 page paper to finish :S. I will order again when my bottle runs out!

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