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LorAnn Oils Cinnamon Oil – 1 dram

Cinnamon Oil Flavoring, 1 dram

Product Features

  • 1 dram bottle
  • Candy flavoring
  • Used by the drop.
  • Save money with combined shipping by ordering several items from Barry Farm.

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2 comments to LorAnn Oils Cinnamon Oil – 1 dram

  • Debra in Texas

    LorAnn Cinnamon Oil I make hard cinnamon candy each Christmas. About 5 years ago, I could no longer find cinnamon oil for cooking in our groceries/pharmacies. Only for medicinal use. I tried a few products that I found online over the next couple of years. When I found LorAnn Cinnamon oil, I stopped looking anymore. My family is glad I found it. It makes great candy!

  • Connie W. "Connie W."

    Just what I wanted I had been trying to find the oil needed to recreate the cinnamon toothpicks from my childhood. This is the stuff! Great flavor, delivered on time, and wasn’t charged an arm and a leg to get it. The no shipping charge is for real! I was very pleased and will be ordering more soon!

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