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LorAnn Cinnamon Oil

1/8 oz.(1 dram)
Lorann flavoring oils are generally 3-4 times stronger than extracts since extracts are diluted by significant amounts of alcohol and/or water. These professional flavorings add nothing but great taste and aroma and can be used for a variety of flavoring applications – including hard candy, frostings, fudges, cookies, chocolates and more.
Certified Kosher and Parve

Contains: Natural and Artifical Flavors.

Product Features

  • A little goes a long way!
  • Gluten and sugar free
  • Kosher

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3 comments to LorAnn Cinnamon Oil

  • Holly S. Kennedy

    The real stuff We used to have this oil when I was a child and would soak toothpicks in it. This tastes great and is really strong.

  • Rcord3

    Tooth pick cinnamon oil I got the oil to make cinnamon toothpicks, and cinnamon paper. The oil worked great! I deffinetly do recommend the brand.

  • Tammystone

    the best ever I love cinnamon and it works real good getting rid of spiders in your house. This was a great buy for me and the shipper got it to me before I was suppose to get it. Thank you !

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