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Life-Flo Oil, Pure Apricot, 16 Ounce

Helps promote soft, radiant hair and soothe irritated skin; suitable for sensitive and prematurely aged skin.

Product Features

  • Cold pressed; touch of vitamin e added (0.5%) to preserve the freshness of the oil
  • Frequently used in massage oils and other body care products
  • Rich in essential fatty acids and naturally moisturizing

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2 comments to Life-Flo Oil, Pure Apricot, 16 Ounce

  • ecolby44

    Great oil for massages and salt scrubs I purchased this apricot oil specifically to use for salt scrubs I make with essential oils for use on hands or during a shower or bath. Apricot oil is one of my favorites to use in them because it isn’t super thick and greasy and leaves just the right amount of moisture after you dry yourself off after using it in a scrub. Additionally, it also makes a great massage oil. Not a lot of fragrance to it and it works in nice without you having to wash your hands after use. Love it!

  • correc carine

    Great buy Cheaper than in a store, very well packed, arrived on time, doesn`t make stain and very good for dry skin.

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