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JR Mushrooms Pure Cinnamon Oil 16 oz.

Cinnamon leaf oil is an essential ingredient for making apple butter. It is also used in candy making and to make cinnamon candied apples. Used in chocolate icings, ice cream and baking, the intense cinnamon flavor adds a delicious flavor twist. This highly specialized culinary item is difficult to find.

Product Features

  • Powerful flavor
  • Use sparingly
  • Use in recipes calling for cinnamon flavor
  • No artificial flavors

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2 comments to JR Mushrooms Pure Cinnamon Oil 16 oz.

  • Jamie

    Insanely powerful I bought this oil after reading all of the reviews that mentioned just how strong it is. However, it can’t be understated just how powerful it is. I have been using it for making cinnamon hard candy.I put a half teaspoon of the cinnamon oil in a blue, Kitchenaid measuring spoon and set it aside for a few moments. When I picked up the spoon again, I noticed that the oil was blue colored. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the oil had actually eaten away at the plastic–it was like I had put nail polish remover (acetone) in the spoon. Do not use this product with plastic measuring spoons!If you’re planning to make hard candy with this as well, I’d also recommend that you let the sugar mixture cool quite a bit before adding the cinnamon oil. Adding it at the 300 degrees F needed for the hard crack stage just leads to an overpowering cloud of cinnamon in your kitchen and flavorless candy.This product is good stuff; just be very careful when using it.

  • Bradley A. Harris "thatbradguy"

    Great Deal I recently purchased a bottle of this oil to make cinnamon toothpicks. Excellent quality and value. This bottle will last for years for just about any application you might have…

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