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Hydrosal Professional Antiperspirant Gel

Developed by Dermatologists, Hydrosal® Professional is a first-line topical gel treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).
Hydrosal® Professional is not a regular antiperspirant. It is a specially formulated proprietary gel intended for individuals with excessive sweating. Hydrosal Professional contains 15% aluminum chloride hexahydrate, which is proven to be more effective than other aluminum salts typically used in regular antiperspirants.

Hydrosal® Professional has a low risk of irritation. Hydrosal Professional is formulated in a proprietary gel base. Studies have demonstrated that a gel vehicle is better tolerated than commonly used alcohol solution products, resulting in less irritation. Hydrosal Professional not only helps to reduce perspiration, but also reduces odors.

Product Features

  • antiperspirant Gel 1.7oz
  • hyperhidrosis treatment
  • excessive sweating
  • underarm treatment

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3 comments to Hydrosal Professional Antiperspirant Gel

  • SJ "Humble Reader"

    It works! I purchased this for my college age daughter who has hid for years under dark, baggy clothing. She had to always wear t-shirts under her clothing and had to change them multiple times a day. She sweats because of anxiety – so I wasn’t too sure this product would help her. But it works! She is so very happy now. She talks of shopping for new clothing – of being able to wear all the cute clothes she didn’t even think of wearing in the past. She doesn’t use it all the time – just when she wants to wear something new or special – that’s what works for her. This has changed her life and boosted her self-esteem! Try it … it might be the answer for you, too!

  • jampd

    Hello, high heels I struggled forever with sweaty feet. This product has saved me a ton of embarrassment and allowed me to wear heels again. It dried my skin out a little initially, but I got used to it, and boy it was worth it. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards or it dries out skin on fingers. It’s fantastic, and I am eternally grateful.

  • E. Zobel "buddhanature"

    This works! This is the only thing I’ve been able to find to help hyperhidrosis without a prescription. Very expensive, but worth it to stay dry.

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