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Homedics ARM-CAN1 AromaSpa Flameless Candle Aroma Oil Diffuser

Homedics ARM-CAN1 AromaSpa Flameless Candle Aroma Oil Diffuser

Product Features

  • The heat activated oil dispenses a soft lavender & lime aroma
  • The flameless candle creates a natural flickering affect which is perfect for relaxation
  • Uses all natural 100% essential oils and the decorative rocks add a natural element
  • Easy to use heat/light/heat & light activation button
  • The holder is dishwasher safe

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3 comments to Homedics ARM-CAN1 AromaSpa Flameless Candle Aroma Oil Diffuser

  • DEK

    Good idea, could be improved I like the idea of combining fragrance with a candle effect.Pros: can use any fragrance oil, low energy use, can leave unattended (out of the reach of children and pets)Cons: fragrance warmer does not work with batteries alone – in order to have both the candle and the fragrance warmer work, you must plug it in. Does not throw the fragrance particularly well – could use a little fan or room for more oil, candle does not look as real as other flameless candles I’ve seen, the river rocks don’t serve a function and look a bit odd to me.

  • Shiloh True "Rabid Reader"

    Beautiful, meditative and safe. When I first heard of the flameless candles, I kept thinking, ‘what a Godsend for a challenged, safety conscious household.’ I have a very large, inquisitive dog, that does not need to be around real flames. Also, my hubby has asthma, so we use scented candles infrequently; mostly during entertaining. So I loved the idea that some of the flameless candles offer optional diffusers, just for those special occasions. Also, that there is NO smoke, which itself can disturb allergies, and there is increasing scientific evidence, that toxins emitted burning candles, can be a health hazard.However, some of the first flameless candles that I saw, did not look very realistic, at all; the lights did not flicker. Thank goodness, they are making progress, so that we can now bring them home and display them proudly, while increasing our safety.I purchased the AromaSpa Candle and couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve had it for 3 months and I ritualistically turn it on almost every evening. I find it quite soothing and very realistic, with the flickering light. I have mine located where I am able to plug it in, unobtrusively. So, I generally leave it on until it turns itself off, in six hours. Since mine is plugged in, I have no problems using the diffuser, if I so desire, and it offers sufficient aroma to satisfy me, without overdoing it.It just so happens, that I had a large, clear glass plate, that came with river rocks and three real candles. I had long ago used the candles but immediately thought that this candle would look great nestled in the plate of river rocks. I was right! It looks as though they came together and added to the elegance of the total picture. It is really attractive.There are so many places where flameless candles can bring peace and tranquility, where real flames aren’t permitted. For the hospitalized patient. Anyone home-bound, or disabled that might not want to deal with managing a real candle. For that forgetful senior citizen, or the teen, that you just don’t trust with real candles in their room, just yet. A dull office, or a little cube space, could sure be brought to life and maybe offer a Zen moment here, and there.Okay, enough said! You can see I’m turned on by this candle and the idea of flameless candles, in general. I think you just might be, too.

  • racheal rabion

    Very pretty and useful for small rooms… I love this diffuser. I am an aromatherpist so I use essential oils in my diffuser instead of the fragrance oils it comes with. It is very pretty and does a wonderful job in a small room. It does not dispurse the scent very well for a larger room. I have only tried operating it with it plugged in, not with the batteries.

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