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Herbs for Kids Chamomile Calm, 2 Ounce

Chamomile Calm calms, balances and nourishes the nervous system. This blend is wonderful for soothing the over-energized, anxious, or exhausted child. This combination of relaxing herbs relieves tension throughout the body, encouraging the free flow of creative energy and appropriate responses to stress. Nerve support herbs can help calm any stressful occasion: fear, pain, travel, teething, tests, public speaking, illness, too many visitors, competition, sports, etc. They also help relax a child after a sugar laden party.  Available in a 1 and 2 ounce liquid.

Product Features

  • Alcohol free herbal supplement
  • Kids love the taste
  • Helps relax a child after a sugar laden party

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2 comments to Herbs for Kids Chamomile Calm, 2 Ounce

  • Liberty1956

    Wonderful Natural Herbal Product We use this for my 5 year old autistic granddaughter. It really helps her stay calm in her world of chaos. We sneak it in her syrup at breakfast and she does not even know she is getting it. I strongly recommend this for anyone that has a “hyper” little one at home.

  • Hannibal Morales

    Great Product I bought this for my hyperactive son. He was not able to focus in school and was getting into trouble. After purchasing this product, I let it sit for a while because I felt guilty “medicating” my child, but then I decided to give it a try. It didn’t seem to make a difference at first, but it eventually took effect. His teachers have commented on what an improvement they have seen in his behavior. He has become more focused and calm. He by no means behaves as if he is medicated. He still runs around and plays with as much energy as ever, but only he listens when spoken to and is better able to control his actions. I highly recommend this product.

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