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Harney & Sons Fine Teas, Chamomile Herbal Tin – 20ct Sachets

Egypt provides us with the finest chamomile flower, which is used to produce this tisane. Hand-picked chamomile flower heads make for a delicious, soothing brew. Try it as you wind down in the evening or to calm an upset stomach in the middle of the day.

Product Features

  • Strong, fresh, delicate body with the scent of green apples
  • Calming, Soothes indigestion
  • 20 silken sachets

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3 comments to Harney & Sons Fine Teas, Chamomile Herbal Tin – 20ct Sachets

  • Sunshine

    AMAZING!!!! Definitely deserving of all 5 stars!!! One of my fave’s!! This is literally gold in a cup. Harney & Sons are GENIUS when it comes to mixing flavors in tea. This has a taste of green apple in it and the aroma is amazing! Very flavorful chamomile from the first sip to the end. You don’t need sugar in this one.My other favorite is the Hot Cinammon Spice Tea they make.

  • Pogo and Pepe

    It felt like I am drinking perfume… The fragrance of this tea is kind of weird, I like the same flavor from Mighty leave better (I bought both)

  • Jay & A. "J&A"

    Our favorite tea I first tried this tea at Einstein Bros. Bagels, and it is the only tea the we drink now. It has the greatest flavor, and is the finest tea that I have ever tasted. I have offered it to many friends that do not like tea and they have tried it and loved it. We all like it without cream or sugar, the flavors are so rich and vibrant that it easily stands on its own.Harney & Sons even somehow got my boyfriend off of soda, he bought a bunch of different flavors and has them with his meals instead now. They compliment meals very well, and are a wonderful way to start your day and unwind in the evenings.

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