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Great Oils to Use For Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is termed as alternate medicine, which makes use of essential oils and volatile plant oils. Aromatherapy is very useful in order to get relief from stress and blue. In today’s fast moving life when people are working tirelessly in order to make their living, relaxation is a necessity. There are several ways for a man to recharge himself like going out and watch a movie or go out for a vacation. But none of these ways are sufficient enough thus people are looking for a way to relax themselves without the need to move out for a vacation. Aromatherapy is one such option; it is a natural way of bursting the stress.

Basically aromatherapy massage involves the use of various plant oils in order to reduce the pain, heal or relax the body. There are several other benefits of aromatherapy massage like decreasing depression and mental stress. The sources of essentials oils are plant extracts, roots and flowers. Aromatherapy extracts all the benefits from these essential oils. These essential plant oils can use in several ways like hydrotherapy, fascials or spa therapies.

The essential oil which is going to be used in aromatherapy should make very carefully. It should be the combination of sweet almond oil with carrier oil like grapeseed. The selection of the oil is dependent upon the type of the problem you are about to heal. If a person is depressed and feeling sad then perhaps the lavender oil is the best option, on the other hand, if an aroma therapist needs to heal a person who is suffering from muscle pain then peppermint oil is a better option.

The massage oil used by the aroma therapist can be a mixture of up to 5 type of oils. All you have to make sure that the center or the aroma therapist you have chosen should be qualified enough to do it. The aromatherapy massager should be very well aware regarding the mixing of the essential oils so that the patient should not suffer any kind of skin irritation after the massage.

There are a lot of aromatherapy essential oils available in the market but most of them are fake. Most of these so-called aromatherapy essential oils are nothing but the fragrances and perfumes and does not suitable for aromatherapy massage. Remember the purity and the quality of the oil used in aromatherapy massage is very important and the effect of aromatherapy is mostly dependent upon the quality of oil used.

The real aromatherapy involves the use of pure and natural essential oils which most of these products available in the market does not have. You do not prefer to have the aromatherapy massage which chemicals. You will not get any benefit of such massage so be very careful and look out for a genuine shop/dealer when you are buying for aromatherapy essential oils.

You can create your own aromatherapy massage blend at your home with about 10 drops of your preferred essential oil blend and the carrier oil of 1 ounce. You need to mix the combination perfectly and the mixture should be stored in an amber bottle or cobalt glass container.

Aromatherapy massage is a great way of curing mental stress, depression, muscle pain, body pain, and thus it ensures the peace of the mind. If you’re making your own combination of essential oils, and you have to make sure that the combination ratio is correct in order to avoid any skin irritation after the massage. You should store your self-made combination of essential oil in clean place away from sunlight. Also essential oil should not directly apply to the skin, but it should always combine with the carrier oil.

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