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Gifts & Decor Folk Art Porcelain Tear Drop Oil Warmer Candle Holder

Folk art fanatics, here’s a treat for you. A moss-green ceramic teardrop holds a generous dollop of scented oil; with a candle’s warmth, a long-lasting fragrance fills the air. Weight 0.5 lb. Porcelain with metal stand. Oil and tealight candle not included. 4-Inch diameter by 7-5/8-inch high.

Product Features

  • Quaint folk art design in porcelain and metal
  • Excellent decor item for any shelf or mantel
  • Candle and fragrant oil not included
  • Fill with oil to provide a pleasant aroma for any occasion
  • Perfect gift idea for any occasion

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2 comments to Gifts & Decor Folk Art Porcelain Tear Drop Oil Warmer Candle Holder

  • Chandler

    hand made ceramic high fired top, holds more, lasts longer Note: I added a photo of my warmer under the photo in the product listing.I expected this to be a mass-made bisque piece and would still have loved it but found it just lovely that it was handmade…having majored in art the hole at the top gives it away as that’s how it was fired. Also it’s “high fired” which means fired at a temperature to make it stoneware…in other words, basically “petrified” ceramic ware making it stand up to heat better and have less likelihood of breakage.It is dipped in a pretty neutral-toned glaze.So what do you do with it? Throw out the candles that leave soot and the chemical-filled room fresheners.Buy a box of essential oils. I personally love peppermint, lavender and sweet orange. Peppermint will keep pests out of your house including ants naturally and just smells wonderfully good. Lavender is very soothing and orange is sweet and great if you have a litterbox in any room–it masks pet odors.Fill the top part with water and then put a few drops of essential oil of your choice in the water. Just to your taste. 6 will waft through the whole house.Light a tea candle (a tea candle is no taller than the base of the diffuser)and that will heat up the ceramic piece and cause the essential oils to fill up your house far better than any candle or airfreshener EVER could!What I like about this diffuser is that it is pretty sitting out even if you don’t have it lit…it’s a handsome homemade piece. This is also why it would make a great gift with a few essential oils and look far more expensive than it is.It also holds more water than many diffusers and because it has a bit of a “top” as it’s like a ceramic bag hanging, it just seems to hold the water in longer without evaporation even after you blow out the candleBut better yet, I’ve seen some glass diffusers heat up too hot and break. A high fired ceramic piece won’t allow that to happen.Negatives: I wish it had come with a tea candle. I didn’t have one on hand when I got this piece and I would have loved to have lit it up from the start. But I guess that’s like some items come with batteries and some don’t…with this you won’t even get a “starter battery”.Very nice and good looking piece…surprising for the price. I love it!

  • S.

    A Great Oil Diffuser This folk art porcelain tear drop oil warmer/diffuser is a very simple design, and is pleasing to the eye, as it is quite neutral; it fits pretty much everywhere. When I ordered it I was a bit worried that I might receive it in pieces or the metal hook bent, but everything arrived just fine. What I really like about this warmer is that the tear drop is rather large, accomodating a large amount of scented oil, as well as water (to prevent burning). One tea candle burns for approximately two hours, and in other oil warmers a refill would be necessary after this time. Not in this oil warmer – all you need is another candle, and you have yourself another two hours of great smells. I find the shallow dish oil warmers annoying as they have to be refilled very often, and monitored as well – this warmer is very low maintenance. Add that to the low price, and you have a winner!

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