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Bath & Body Works
Stress Relief
Lot of 1 (ONE) bottle of BODY LOTION
@ 6.5 fl. oz
(new/unused/smoke free home)
(just as pictured)

Product Features

  • EUCALYPTUS SPEARMINT Bath Body Works BODY LOTION lot of 1 new

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3 comments to EUCALYPTUS SPEARMINT Bath Body Works BODY LOTION lot of 1 new

  • Jennifer M. Stith "Jen S"

    My Father-In-Law loves it! And he’s a manly man lol :) My Father-in-Law is this hunting turkeys, fishing, gun loving Catholic conservative living in Missouri and LOVES THIS LOTION!!! :) We live in Colorado where the climate is extremely dry, so we put this Aromatherapy lotion in all the bathrooms to use after hand washings. During a visit, He said this was the only lotion he’s used that keeps his poor fingers from cracking during the Missouri winters. The Eucalyptus and Energy scents are both great, not too strong and they wake you up!It’s a little oily, so give it a few mins to absorb into your skin. But all n all, we love it because it doesn’t feel thin like other lotions and it keeps our skin soft here in Colorado.I only buy this lotion online – at the store, it’s literally double the price! Sheesh!!

  • Ms M

    Pleasant Plants The complete package is a delightful experience, Eucalyptus bath care not only is homeopathic and aromatic but also has a good bottle design that allows for easy use. Nice color and labeling in glass allows placement on counter without expressing a cluttered look. It has counter appeal.

  • Kelly Lynn Styron "You can't get a cup of tea...

    Really does help! I got my first bottle of this quite accidentally when a friend was cleaning out her lotion collection and an addiction started, I am so glad B&BW still makes this…I got some from my local store yesterday. It really does seem to soothe me.

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