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Essential Oils Pocket Reference, 5th Edition, May 2011

Newly updated! This pocket-sized version of the Essential Oils Desk Reference contains selected material from the Desk Reference, including the Personal Usage Guide (which features information and recommended essential oils and blends for over 300 different health topics). It includes safety data, application information, and much more!



Chapter 1: Yesterday’s Wisdom, Tomorrow’s Destiny
Chapter 2: How Essential Oils Work
Chapter 3: How to Safely Use Essential Oils
Chapter 4: Single Oils
Chapter 5: Essential Oil Blends
Chapter 6: Techniques for Essential Oil Application
Chapter 7: Personal Usage
Appendix A: Product Usage for Body Systems
Appendix B: Single Oil Data
Appendix C: Essential Oil Blends Data

Product Features

  • Pocket Sized Reference Guide

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2 comments to Essential Oils Pocket Reference, 5th Edition, May 2011

  • Purplecv

    The Best book if you are using Young Living oils! If you are a Young Living user of their products, this is your BIBLE! It has everything you need in order to use the products wisely and effectively. I turn to it whenever I have a question regarding a health issue. For example: I have a cold with a nasty cough, what oil can I use? I look up cough in the book and they have recommendations with different oils and supplements. This is by far an extensive guide, highly recommend it!

  • Sassy Nona

    Are you an Oiler? Then you need this book ~ I carry it with me everywhere to share how essential oils may assist others in their healing! I also own the larger version ~ it has more details. Certainly not portable, tho….

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