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Essential Oil Rose Otto 0.12 Ounces

An intense, immensely rich, floral oil. Rose otto is one of the oldest and best known of all the essential oils. It’s used in all types of perfumes to lend beauty and depth to the aroma. A drop or two in a massage, facial or bath oil creates a luxurious, soothing experience. The oil is also used in skin creams, powders and lotions.Color:Pale yellow to olive-yellow Viscosity: Medium Top Note: Deep floral, slightly spicy Middle Note: Warm, immensely rich, reminiscent of red roses Dry Note:Tenacious, lingering floral Aromatherapy Actions:Romantic, creative, gently cheering Safety Data: Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing. Avoid during pregnancy.Regulatory Status GRAS 182.20 Product consists of 0.125 oz of oil packaged in a 0.25 oz bottle

Product Features

  • 0.13 Ounces Liquid
  • Serving Size:

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