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Essential Oil Recipes: For Anything and Everything

**Best Selling Home and Beauty Series**

Essential oils are compounds made by or extracted from the stems, roots, petals, bark, or seeds of plants. They are strongly fragranced with the natural aroma of the plant they are extracted from. Essential oils do not contain water as they are made of plant parts. They are friendly to the human skin, immediately absorbed and they offer a lot of health and beauty benefits for us.

Due to all the mentioned purposes, essential oils cannot be made synthetically. A real essential oil must be 100% pure and made from plants and flowers. There are no two identical batches of essential oils because the conditions they are produced in are changing and that is why they are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and strong against diseases.

So go ahead, indulge your senses, try out some recipes and give yourself and your family a healthy alternative to store-bought products, cosmetics and medicine.


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