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DESERT ESSENCE Tea Tree Oil Ointment 1 OZ

A blend of soothing essential oils and herbal extracts helps relieve minor skin irritations and dry, chapped skin on face and body. It also provides cooling relief after waxing, and can be used to moisturize damaged cuticles and your hands and feet. Excellent for soothing razor burn.

Product Features

  • 1 Ounces
  • Serving Size:

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3 comments to DESERT ESSENCE Tea Tree Oil Ointment 1 OZ

  • Kasia "Kasia"

    wonder full great love it This is a healer. Ba! best ever-I go through about a jar in 2-3 month-depands on the weather. This is a clear hard jelly (kind of like beeswax) that you can massage in anywhere. It doesn’t contain ANY chemicals or fragrences only natural oils, and the best part is they use the nice smeling oils like almond oil, organic tea tree oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil-ok I just listed all the ingredients hehe :) -IT SMELLS SO GOOD!!! It’s good for the warm months-especially summer when one gets a cut from playing all around-:P-and because its oily its perfect for the cold-and I never have chapped skin. In the morning when I wake up I’ll rub some on my eyes and it awakens me. During the day I apply some to my lips and after washing hands. In the evening after shower it’s perfect when the skin gets dry from the water.And honestly I have to add that this is the only product my husband will let me put on his face. Even when he gets a cut he will use it so the scar completly dissapears.I highly recommend it!

  • Sylvia L. Lincoln

    I would recommend this product for women I like this Tea Tree Oil on my hands, feet, cuticles and dry spots around my body like elbows, knees, dry spots on face. I like it as a natural product without chemicals. I live in Colorado where the climate is very dry so the skin needs all the help it can get. This skin ointment does feel/stay oily for at least an hour so I put it on just before bed. Otherwise it does get whatever you touch oily. The next-day results are soft, supple skin without dryness. You do have to keep applying it repeatedly while living in such a dry climate. I also find it helpful for aging skin which tends to become dry.

  • Allison Warch "Allison M. M. Van Eck"

    The best for…. This stuff helps make Athlete’s foot a thing of the past, along with any other issue you might have regarding infection. My baby girl has no problems with diaper rash either.

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