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Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Pads 50 PADS

Antiseptic tea tree oil and herbal extracts gently removes dirt from pores improving the texture and clarity of your skin.

Product Features

  • Natural or Organic Ingredients
  • Witch hazel, organically grown grain alcohol, organically grown tea tree oil, neem oil, extracts of chamomile, goldenseal, Hawaiian white ginger, bladderwrack, essential oils of bergamot and lavender.

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3 comments to Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Pads 50 PADS

  • Pamela Lucas

    Clean and Fresh after every use! I really really love this product. I just wish I would have learned about tea tree oil years ago and not have to suffer with the endless amount of acne and moisturizer products that made my skin worse and not better. Tea tree oil not only doesn’t irritate my skin but it leaves it feeling soft and refreshed right after each use. Also I haven’t had problems with acne since I started using these regularly, nowhere near how I use to. Any blemish that even thinks of peaking its little head up, immediately gets a good rubbing of tea tree oil and then the next day it is like it was never even there and I imagined the entire thing.One thing to watch out for is that towards the bottom of the jar, the last bunch of cleaning pads are kind of dried out. Not a big deal if you have some tea tree oil, . I just dab the pads with the oil and that does the trick. I will usually do this anyways if I have a exceptionally stubborn pimple.

  • loyal amazon customer

    Dried out with lid sealed tight I was lured in by the low price. I admit it! But pads are rough and they dried out pretty quickly. I had to toss 75% of the jar. I would recommend finding another brand.

  • Olivia De La Rosa

    Love it! I thought this product was amazing! It really helped with keeping my skin clean and free of breakouts! The smell is a little strong, but of course it is, its tea tree oil. I usually only put it on after I was my face in the morning and my skin feels clean for hours. Overall, it’s amazing and I order some every two months! It become a skin treatment I can’t live without.

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