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Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure, 2-Ounce, 0.25 Bottle

Dessert Essence Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil grown in Australia with inherent antiseptic qualities. Grown and harvested in Australia package in the USA.

Product Features

  • Natural antiseptic qualities help prevent infection
  • Contains 100% pure Australian tea tree oil
  • Avoid using full strength on face
  • Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes
  • Please read all label information on delivery

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2 comments to Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure, 2-Ounce, 0.25 Bottle

  • Pie Grrrl

    Like a First Aid Kit in a Bottle! I first stumbled into the world of essential oils back in 1990 when I needed a part-time job and there was an opening for “Weekends Only” at a tiny Aromatherapy store in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Back in those days, very few people had even heard of the word and thought FRAGRANCE oils to be synonymous with ESSENTIAL OILS. It was an invaluable experience working in that store and it changed my life in regards to taking charge of my PERSONAL wellness through the use of Essential Oils.NO DRUG IS A PANACEA OR MAGIC BULLET FOR EVERYONE!!!! I state this clearly because of the few negative reviews that all the various company’s that sell Tea Tree Oil have received. For instance, I’m allergic to Peroxide. The pills Asprin and Tylenol have zero effect on me. So, if you have NEVER used Tea Tree Oil, BUY THE SMALLEST BOTTLE YOU CAN FIND AND TRY IT OUT ON YOURSELF! If you’re as lucky as I am, it will be your Go-To Treatment for 99% of “What Ails You.”I’ve tried many a company’s Tea Tree Oil and have finally settled on THIS brand. Why? The reasons I list work for ME; they may not work for YOU:1) It’s in a CLEAR bottle! I know, I know: having E.O.’s in blue/amber bottles protects them from the light, but so does storing them in a dark place. I like being able to SEE how much is used so I know when to buy more.2) It does NOT have a calibrated “Rain Drop” apeture in the top, meaning that you can POUR the oil out or use these micro measuring spoons when creating hair or bath products. 3) PRICE!!!!! Compared to other company’s with fancier labels and prettier bottles, this product is several dollars LESS expensive than the other brands, without losing a bit of effectiveness.4) Availability!!!! Since this product does NOT ship through Amazon Prime, there’s no cost savings to me. Both my local Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s sell this brand, so I am no more than a 10 minute drive in any direction when I am running low.Okay, those are the reasons why I buy THIS brand. Now, HOW do I use it and HOW has it helped me?1) For my body, Tea Tree Oil is Magical!!! Every single thing that you can find online with HOW this oil works, it responds that well in MY body! YOUR results may vary. Since discovering the sheer effectiveness on my system, I keep no less than SIX bottles in our lives: in my purse; in our first aid kits; and in every medicine cabinet. My family has been taught by me that Tea Tree Oil is thee FIRST response to ANYTHING that breaks the skin and it’s kept our medical bills down to ZERO. Yes, ZERO!!!, in regards to the common things you go to the doctor for.2) I have had chronic and debilitating ear infections my entire life. As a child, I’ve spent weeks in hospital with infections that threatened my life. Countless surgeries on my ears have done NOTHING to stop the infections, which can come on in an hour. Now, as soon as I feel the Tell-Tale tingling in my ear, I grab my bottle of Tea Tree Oil and swipe it down the entire side of my face. I repeat this process every single hour until the tingling stops. Results? NO MORE EAR INFECTIONS AND NO MORE HOSPITALIZATIONS OR DOCTOR VISITS!!!3) When my family and I have a scratchy throat or have been subjected to anyone with a severe cold or the flu, we place a couple of drops on a cotton pad and then deeply inhale the vapors and hold it in our lungs for the count of five, then exhale and repeat the process. Since doing this, NO ONE in my family has had a cold or the flu in 8 years!!!! NO ONE!4) We have a Summer Cottage near a lake which means ticks, chiggers and mosquitoe bites. One drop of this oil on ANY of the following solves the itch, the pain and the resulting infections. We’ve seen ticks actually back out of the skin when a drop of this oil is placed on their backs!5) Tooth infections! I had four Wisdom Teeth extracted. After it was okay to rinse my mouth, I placed a drop of Tea Tree Oil in warm water and would rinse out my mouth when directed. When I went in for my check up, my dentist was SHOCKED at the healing of my gums and was suspicious as to WHY they had healed so well and so fast! Seriously, Dr.? Shouldn’t you have just been HAPPY for me? LOL6) And for me, directly, the use of Tea Tree Oil in my daily job is a God Send! I’m a Landscape Architect with a staff of 17 men. Every single day, we get injured; it comes with the job. Whether it’s a deep penetration of a thorn, a complete scraping of skin from a tree you’re climbing, a deep knick when you’re sharpening a pruner, or a massive sliver that got jammed into a palm, we have daily injuries. Since we can’t stop work when this happens, we normally would just rinse the area off with a hose and continue working. More than half of the time, these…

  • J.A.

    it works For the people who don’t think this works I don’t think you understand that your skin needs a period of two to four weeks before any treatment will work, you have breakouts that start two weeks before they rise to the surface and you see them, spot treatments also don’t work because you are treating the unseen new pimples, if you choose to spot treat then logically just spread what ever treatment you are using to the parts of your face you commonly breakout in. As for the Tea Tree Oil…For my skin and my husbands it has worked better then benzoyl peroxide , and Salicylic acid…For Salicylic acid to be effective it has to have the correct ph balance to exfoliate skin cells and sadly almost all on the market have to high of a ph. I am overly sensitive to benzoyl peroxide so all the irritation that it causes just creates more pimples. Tea Tree oil does work…You must use a concentration of above 5% or you will be aggravating the bacteria, which will only produce more pimples…If you doubt any of the countless hours of research I have done on the topic of acne treatment…do your own research, you have the internet go to some site like cosmetic cop or even read reviews of products on Amazon. Don’t give up a treatment until four weeks; you will never see good results until then. Also if you over exfoliate your skin with wash cloths or manual exfoliate like scrubs be warned that can also be causing you more problems. Go to Sephora buy their facial sponges and use those instead of a washcloth, but be sure to boil it or disinfectant regularly or you will once again be creating bacteria instead of killing it.

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