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Derive Great Benefits from Aromatherapy

Hundreds of plant volatile extracted oils are used in Aromatherapy massage to bring relief in many conditions like depression, insomnia, nausea, poor digestion, allergies, bronchitis, joint pain, muscle pain, insect bite, low energy condition, premenstrual syndrome, diarrhea, bruises, earache, burns sinusitis, wounds, nervousness, shingles, scars, restlessness, arthritis, cold, flu and many more conditions.

The essential oils used in aromatherapy are recommended for steam inhalation in patients having respiratory problems. When a patient is incapable of having a full aromatherapy bath, he is advised a foot and hand aromatherapy bath. This therapy is also a sure shot relief for depression. Treatment through aromatherapy brings a huge sense of better feeling. Aromatherapy massage is an art by itself, wherein a wide variety of essential oils extracted from many different plants found abundantly in nature are used. These essential oils bring positive and definite results providing great relief to the patient.

The mere touch and smell of these natural oils is enough to bring back harmony of mind and body. Many lifestyle ailments like, stress, unhealthy food habits, pollution effects etc can be corrected by aromatherapy massage. During the therapy, it is noticed that the patient finds improvement in his sleep disturbance pattern and energy levels. His stress levels are reduced and he feels more relaxed. Both, his mind and body seem revitalized. Aromatherapy also cures insomnia and mental fatigue. The patient can after his aromatherapy session look forward to a normal and peaceful existence.

Basil, sandalwood, rose essential oil; jasmine and lavender are some of the essential oils used for the aromatherapy massage. Appearance and skin texture are greatly enhanced by aromatherapy massage. The oils act directly on the central nervous system, soothing the body, relaxing while reducing stress. These oils are recommended for both home and professional use. The use of the aromatherapy massage essential oils was popular from ancient times. It was used for seduction, meditation and in certain religious ceremonies. Aromatherapy massage stimulates the touch receptors in our body, and regulates the energy flow within us. It is an ideal way to get benefits of both a massage and the goodness of essential oils.

Aromatherapy massage is popularly used during pregnancy and birth. The fragrant smell of the essential oils can endow an uplifting mood in both body and mind. The oils seem to influence our heart rate, respiration, body response, hormones, moods and actions as well. The essential oils during a massage enter our body through our skin and nose- two most receptive organs in our body and bring their goodness to our body and mind. The systemic massages stimulate the soft tissues in our body and bring positive relief. Try aromatherapy massage today and get the enchanting magical experience because of it. Even a foot and hand massage will go a long way in instilling relaxation and promoting good feel in you.

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