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Conair My Aromatherapy with Oil (Colors May Vary)

Ever since humans began moving indoors, capturing natural fragrances for use became increasingly important. Like sound, different essences evoke reactions of all kinds among individuals and groups. Certain fragrances (aromas) help induce relaxation, balance, and stimulation. Essential oils are a concentrated form of the natural plant or flower that produces the aroma. Burning essential oils has been ritualistic for thousands of years.
ConAir My Aromatherapy is a personal essential oil burner. It’s perfect at home or at your office desk. Battery powered, it is a safer and more controlled way to deliver essences into the air letting you reap the benefits while not disturbing others.

Product Features

  • Other Matching Items sold Seperately.
  • Furnishings that quickly personalize your space.
  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
  • Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.
  • Great Gift Idea.

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3 comments to Conair My Aromatherapy with Oil (Colors May Vary)

  • AuburnTygr

    Nothing Special….. Just purchased and began using one of these. Followed the directions in the user manual, added the recommended drops of essential oil but the diffuser adds little or no scent to the room. It drains batteries quickly as the fan runs continuously unless you manually shut it off. I have better results adding a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and applying to the light bulbs in my lamps. The heat from the lamp activates the scented oil and infuses the room quickly-a cheaper method with much better results.

  • Maryanna Sandurson

    USELESS AND CHEAP The concept of a battery operated aromatherapy diffuser was appealing because it reduces the noise factor. It’s cute and very small, fits inside my hand. The oil that it comes with is cheap and synthetic. I placed my own drops of essential oil on the pad and it worked for a few minutes and then the fan stopped going around even though the light is on. I’m going to send it back.

  • John Clapp

    replacement absorbing pads I was able to get replacement pads by calling the 800 # on the product … when I first tried this number it didn’t work … but subsequently it has

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