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Clary Sage Hydrosol Floral Water With Spray Cap – 125ml

Clary sage hydrosol floral water with spray cap – 125ml botanical name: salvia sclarea a floral water/hydrosol produced during the steam distillation of the clary sage flowers. description: our floral waters are free of emulsifying agents and preservatives. These waters are extremely versatile. They can be used in the manufacturing process anywhere that water is required. uses: hydrosols make great toners and cleansers. They are also often used for the treatment of spots, sores, cuts, grazes and new piercings. They are an excellent linen spray, and a simple way for the novice aromatherapist to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Add to a soothing hot bath.

Product Features

  • Clary sage hydrosol floral water 125ml
  • Spray cap bottle
  • Salvia sclarea
  • Linen spray
  • Toner/cleanser

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