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Cielune Thyme (Red) Essential Oil – 100% Pure, All Natural Premium Oil – Therapeutic Grade – Ideal for Aromatherapy & Ingredient in Beauty Products – Antifungal & Antioxidant – Natural Remedy for Respiratory Problems, Improving Heart Health, Enhancing Vision, Stress Relief, Immune Support & More – Satisfaction Guaranteed – 10ML

You might know it better as a seasoning for Mediterranean recipes, but thyme has been used as a medicinal cure in Africa and Europe for centuries. CIELUNE Thyme Essential Oil lets you experience all of the remarkable properties of this all-natural plant oil the way nature intended–without a single additive or preservative mixed into our pure extract. To create CIELUNE Thyme Essential Oil, we use a steam distillation property that retains as many of the nutrients inside of the thyme herb as possible. Not only can you use CIELUNE Thyme Essential Oil as a natural source of nutrients, but our essential oil is also ideal for all types of aromatherapy. That’s because our distillation process and commitment to purity ensures that you get the most prominent, aromatic scent of thyme possible in every bottle of our essential oil. Complete your diet, improve your health and surround yourself with the warm, earthy scent of thyme! Experience all this herb has to offer to the fullest. Order your 10mL bottle of CIELUNE Thyme Essential Oil today.

Product Features

  • • AN EXCELLENT SOURCE OF NUTRIENTS Because we go to great length to maintain the potency of our thyme oil, you can get the full benefits of the nutrient contents of this nutritious herb. An excellent source of vitamins C & A, riboflavin, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, calcium & manganese
  • • FRESHNESS GUARANTEED Our 10mL amber colored glass bottle protects our steam distilled thyme oil from the effects of sunlight to ensure freshness without the need for chemical preservatives or stabilizing agents
  • • EARTHY, WARMING SCENT With no additives to diminish its aromatic properties, CIELUNE thyme oil is perfect for use in a vaporizer or diffuser for aromatherapy, as an aromatic bathing oil, a massage oil or an ingredient in skin care products
  • • BENEFIT OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK CIELUNE stands behind the quality and potency of our thyme oil 100%. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason within 30 days, we’ll refund your money.
  • • THERAPEUTIC GRADE Premium quality, maximum potency undiluted thyme oil is ideal for all types of natural remedies, including those that improve immune function, boost circulation and promote heart health & normal vision

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