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Chamomile Blossoms Loose Leaf Tea – 1.5oz

A lightly aromatic herbal tea that is naturally soothing

Product Features

  • Net Wt 1.5oz – Packed in recyclable glass bottle
  • Makes about 12 servings
  • All natural herbal tea
  • Premium loose leaf tea
  • Caffeine free

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3 comments to Chamomile Blossoms Loose Leaf Tea – 1.5oz

  • Ron D.

    Very Good Chamomile! After Teavana stopped selling their loose leaf chamomile I had to find another supplier.I first went to Mighty Leaf Tea Company for their chamomile loose leaf tea.Bad call on my part, I was stuck with 3 bags, each of which was mostly shake, stems, and non-uniform sized chamomile buds, which looks nothing like the photo on their web page. There was a faint chamomile aroma, but it was weak, much like the taste of the tea once steeped. I would very much recommend that you stay away from Mighty Leaf’s chamomile.Next came the Argo Chamomile Blossoms tea. While not as aromatic as the Teavana, it was clearly superior to the Mighty Tea. The tea ships in a nice wide-mouth glass container.Perfect, as long as you can keep it out of the sun… and you certainly can clearly see what you have purchased, no hiding the product in a bag here. A little more shake than I like, but uniform buds with short stems, and an good aroma to boot. Steeps nicely, and gives a good clean taste.While the shipping took a little longer than I was happy with, I am overseas and I will give them another try.Look no further if you are looking for a very good loose leaf chamomile tea.***UPDATE*** (June 19, 2011)I received my second glass container shortly after the first, much less shake in this container. So I would give this product a solid 4.5 stars. Love the tea, great company, and I would HIGHLY recommend Argo Chamomile Blossoms tea.Enjoy!

  • R.D. Monsoon

    Excellent This is among the best chamomile tea I’ve ever drank.I typically avoid chamomile because I often find it to be bitter, even acidic. Argo’s chamomile has a rich, smooth flavor.While Argo recommends using a teaspoon or more per cup, I find you can get away with half that if you let the tea soak for an additional two minutes.Highly recommended.

  • Anonymous

    I was on the hunt for really strong chamomile tea, so I thought that I would try these loose blossoms. Unfortunately, they aren’t any more potent than regular tea bags and they require more work.

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