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Cedar Fresh Products 81702 Cedar Spray

The original and only Cedar Power spray. made from real cedar essence. Restores aromatics of all cedarwood products. A great natural household freshener that removes odors and mustiness from basements, pet areas, trash areas, and more. 2 oz.

Product Features

  • Cedar Fresh
  • 81702
  • Air Freshener

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3 comments to Cedar Fresh Products 81702 Cedar Spray

  • Kenneth R White

    Little bottle, low cost, good results This stuff comes in a little bottle but it packs a great cedar fragrance that is easily sprayed (finger push) into closets and odorific rooms. The aroma of cedar is strong but it moderates in a few minutes. It’s a great way to freshen up a space PLUS fight moths too. Also, it can help substitute for more expensive cedar hangars and such. I’ve been using Cedar Spray on and off for about 5 years. A 2oz bottle lasts a LONG time.

  • *Nocturnal Creature*

    Doesn’t Play Games With Your Moth Problem The bottle is small, and the shipping is more that the cost of the spray, BUT this stuff is great. I had a serious moth problem in every closet despite having a very clean apartment. A small squirt every two months or so in every closet goes a long way. If you already have cedar blocks, don’t toss them. Just spray some of this stuff on the cedar blocks and put the blocks right back in the closet. it’s a small botle that goes a long way. I have used it several times already and it’s still almost full.

  • Rare Book Collector "RBC"

    Great Insect Repellant But NOT Safe Around Birds I’m using this as an insect repellant in the garage where I do laundry, but NOT in the house because it is toxic to birds over time (can damage their liver). To get rid of birdseed moths, may I suggest Biocare Birdseed Moth Traps as a non-toxic natural way to rid bird areas of birdseed moth. Cedar spray is great in open areas like the garage because it repels (whereas the pheremones from moth traps will attract every moth in the neighborhood and eventually overwhelm the traps, which are intended for a contained area like a room in the house).

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