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Caswell-Massey Sweet Almond Oil 6 fl oz (170 ml)

6.0 OZ/170ML

Product Features

  • 6.0 OZ

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3 comments to Caswell-Massey Sweet Almond Oil 6 fl oz (170 ml)

  • Beaumont Hardy "Beaumont Hardy Editing"

    Wonderful Moisturizer This almond oil is the ideal winter moisturizer. It’s light enough that you don’t feel greasy throughout the day but heavy enough that you feel completely moisturized in buildings with radiator heat and on days of sub-zero cold. The oil doesn’t have a heavy, cloying scent, so you can layer it under any other scent you wear.One bottle of this oil will last through a long, Midwestern winter, and when you finish with the oil, the blue bottle makes an attractive vase.

  • Carol Henzel "phillypretzel"

    Leaves skin soft not greasy I should have known that Caswell and Massey would come up with the perfect body oil that leaves skin soft and silky, but no hint of greasiness. The other major factor that I really like is the lack of smell. Some body lotions and oils that I have used have a floral or fruity scent that is not appealing to me, so I was very happy with this product.A small amount goes a long way for great results. In short, I would recommend this product to anyone who wants soft, smooth skin without the typical perfumey smell of some of the other products out on the market.

  • Elizabeth "loves kids"

    a really nice product I had read about this product and what I had read was true. It’s a light oil, quickly absorbed that leaves skin smooth and soft. I use it under my makeup and also at night. It is odorless which is great because so many products are overly scented.

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