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Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre

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3 comments to Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre

  • M. Penny

    A modern film with an instant classic feel. Everything about this film has a classic slasher film to it. However instead of being unintentionally funny like most of the 80′s slashers, this movie purposely incorporates a good amount of humor into it. The Caeser and Otto duo very much remind me of a Three Stooges style of comedy. It has a very slap stick, old school feel to it. It’s just all around goofy, but being that its SUPPOSED to be goofy and not be taken seriously is what really works for this film. I thought it was extremely entertaining. My favorite character in the film is Dick, played by Deron Miller. Although he has a relatively small part in it, it’s very memorable. My favorite part about the movie is the dialog. The interaction and jokes between all of the characters made it very enjoyable. I literally laughed out loud at certain scenes, and I don’t often do that. Another thing I really liked were the bonus features. I often buy blu ray versions of movie just for the bonus features they seem to skip on regular DVD format. There are HOURS of extra bonus scenes and commentary. I would highly recommend this film to any fan of horror, or fans of comedy, I think both would like it well. Even though it was just released I feel like I’m watching a movie straight out of the 80′s. Its a modern film, with an instant classic feel. There’s no better way to describe it.

  • 1981bendover

    Another Great Horror-Comedy Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre is the third great horror-comedy I’ve seen lately, with the other two being Scream 4 and Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver. And it’s a treat, since the horror-comedy is my favorite genre of film. They are just usually so much fun, and Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre is no exception. It’s a tight 75 minutes, full of comedy, gore, and in-jokes, with special appearances from B-movie veterans Brinke Stevens, Joe Estevez, and Felissa Rose. Rose actually has a good chunk of screentime and her appearance is obviously a homage to Sleepaway Camp. And I must say that Dave Campfield is absolutely hilarious as Caesar. He’s like Don Knotts on speed. He delivers his lines quickly and most of his lines are funny. So if it’s an independent horror-comedy that you want, you should definitely buy Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre!

  • guestar57 "Chris aka Guestar57"

    Funnier Than Poop ! There I said it. Starring: Joe Estevez, Felissa Rose and Brinke Stevens.This reminded me of those `Don Knotts & Tim Conway’ comedies of the ’80 s,Well its more like Chuck McCann and Don Knotts style of fun on film.The cameos are spread out and alot of fun,We remember a time,When b-movie cameos were wasted in VCR fodder; Not anymore Joe Estevez again in a month has some very funny lines and Felissa Rose & Brinke Stevens have alot of stuff to convey to their audience.The plot of script is very clever and has alot of jokes about Charlie Sheen, Sleepaway Camp, and Gore Humor,Yeah, Gore Humor.There is hints this two fellows are going to make a series of horror-comedies,Please Do,We say.Now,You’re probably not going Camping,Counseling or seeing 3D after this C & O effort,Anytime soon or email us as a dare completed, IF YOU CAN !!!

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