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Bulgarian Rose Otto – 100% Pure Rosa Damascena – 2013 Harvest – Rare – Therapeutic Grade (2ML)

This 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Rose Otto is Steam Distilled from the 2013 Harvest from the Valley of Roses in Kanzanlak, Bulgaria. As with all true Rose Ottos, this oil will congeal below 75°. Dilute properly. We also offer diluted Rose Otto. Please see our other listings.

Product Features

  • 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade 2013 Bulgarian Rose Otto from Kanzanlak Bulgaria
  • An Intensely Rich and Rosy Floral Oil
  • The oil has been used since the early 1600s for its Scent and Medicinal Benefits
  • Reiki Charged with the intent to open the Heart Chakra for the experience of loving and being loved
  • Rose Otto is Indicated for Skincare, Haircare, Therapeutic Massage, and Emotional Relief

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