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Body Wonders Australian Tea Tree Oil 4oz

In Australia, tea tree oil has been used for centuries as a natural remedy, and today scientists have established that tree tea oil has numerous beneficial properties. Specifically, the oil is an effective:
– Antibacterial
– Antiviral
– Antifungal
– Anti-inflammatory

It’s the ideal uses are:
– A natural tea tree oil acne treatment
– A tea tree oil for nail fungus and athlete’s foot
– Cold sore remedies
– A tea tree oil for lice treatment without the use of toxic chemicals
– Scalp conditions like dandruff
– Promoting dental health
– Aromatherapy treatment with a carrier oil or diffuser
– Massage oil for professional or home use
– Soothing allergic reactions of the skin
– Addressing yeast, viral, fungal and bacterial skin infections

Choose Body Wonders 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil for your health and wellness needs. Order a bottle of our tea tree essential oil today!

Product Features

  • Tea Tree oil is a Proven Natural Remedy capable of fighting bacteria, viruses, pests and fungus
  • Our tea tree finest tea tree natural oil lets you experience the benefits of natural tea tree oil acne treatments, tea tree oil for nail fungus, tea tree oil for lice and other proven remedies
  • Not all oil tree tea extracts are the same! Australia tea tree oil is the most potent and pure form in the world, which is why we only use tea tree leaves from Australian grown plants in our tea tree essential oil
  • Our oil is steam distilled to keep the beneficial natural chemicals intact, making Body Wonders the most effective choice for all tea tree oil uses
  • MADE IN THE USA Don’t take chances with tea tree oil made overseas! Our product is Packaged in the USA to ensure potency, purity and safety

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