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Auric Blends Perfume Oil, 0.33 oz – Sandalwood

Auric Blends Fine Perfume Oil…
1/3 Oz Roll-on Bottle…

Product Features

  • Auric Blends scented oils are high quality, natural perfume oil.
  • Each glass bottle is one third of an ounce.
  • Has a roll-on applicator, which is removable so you can pour the oil out if desired.

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2 comments to Auric Blends Perfume Oil, 0.33 oz – Sandalwood

  • Jemi

    This is one sexy scent!! Everytime I wear this oil, I get compliments. I’ve been told several times by different guys that this is the sexiest perfume they’ve ever smelt. Its not cloyingly sweet or floral like many typically “girlie” perfumes. Rather it combines the earthy sensuality of musk with exotic overtones such as sandalwood to create a rich scent that is both distinctive yet subtle. Its enough to make any woman feel like a goddess!

  • D. Mac Evoy "The Native Garden"

    A Very Unique and Enchanting Fragrance! This is a fragrance that you wear as much for yourself, as you do to smell good to others! You feel very sexy, warm and feminine. The third note is as wonderful as the first, that is the advantage of wearing oils – as long as they mix well with your own skin oil. If you pick up a garment worn yesterday with this perfume, you’ll want to bury your face, and inhale deeply! They still need to work on the quality of their candles, the wick burns straight down the center within a few hours (instead of the 70-80 hours on the label) but I use the remaining wax in my candle warmer for a light version of this beautiful scent.

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