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Aura Cacia – Sandalwood & Jojoba Oil Blend, .5 fl oz oil

Sandalwood is a valuable perfume fixative with a powerful earthy, woody scent. The oil is sacred in many traditions, renowned for inspiring insight and spiritual elevation. Dab a single drop on the middle of the forehead to inspire insight and emotional stability.

Product Features

  • Sandalwood is a valuable perfume fixative with a powerful earthy, woody scent
  • Aura Cacia

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3 comments to Aura Cacia – Sandalwood & Jojoba Oil Blend, .5 fl oz oil

  • world class wreckin cru "dallasite"

    Barely detectable scent I think that the other positive reviews may be for the jasmine oil. One of them explicitly mentions it. This review is for the sandalwood oil. I’m in agreement with the other negative review. The scent of sandalwood is very slight, but the smell of whatever else is in the bottle is definitely more powerful. And that smell is a little better than unpleasant. Don’t get this!

  • AJ

    Great oil for a chest rub. I would agree with the other reviews that Sandalwood is not my choice for it’s scent, and diluted in jojoba would probably not please true sandalwood fans. But I do not buy my oils for their scents, in fact some I use I really dislike the scent. I am a student of aromatherapy and use them for that reason. The final authority is your health care practitioner, but the aura cacia website has good information on general uses for the oils. Oils are very powerful and the only one I use undiluted is lavender. I am being treated for chronic bronchitis and my dr has approved my use of sandalwood. While it does not replace my stronger meds, I can often clear my congestion in the early stages by massaging it on my chest. I never start the winter without having it in the house. If I can only get the pure oil I dilute it myself in jojoba. The aura cacia website has a “learning” section which includes safety information about using oils.

  • Rhonda

    Not very happy I got a bottle of this Essential Oil cause I was going to make a birthday gift bag for a friend with a few of my bath products that I make.I bought this bottle for her only cause she told me how much she loves the smell of sandalwood. Well I used the whole damn thing for her bath products that I was making for her and there is no smell what so ever. Even the Jojoba Oil that it is mixed with does not have a smell (which is good). Anyways useless and agreed a waste of money spent. I will not be purchasing this particular Essential Oil from this brand ever again.Very very very disappointed! I hope she likes the new scent I had to come up with.Don’t buy this one!

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