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AURA CACIA, Essential Oil Cedarwood (juniperus mexicana scheide) – .5 fl oz

A woody balsamic aroma. It is used in perfume to add body and a warm note to any blend. Cedarwood can also be applied to the inside of a wood chest for a Cedarwood scent.

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2 comments to AURA CACIA, Essential Oil Cedarwood (juniperus mexicana scheide) – .5 fl oz

  • Mara R. Bogdanski "longlocks"

    good quality oil nice smell & keeps the ants out. Not diluted or watery like some end up to be. I had previously purchased cedarwood from the Himalayas & the smell was horrid. This stuff may not be Young Living (expensive), but it is very good quality Texas Cedarwood. Will definitely be ordering more.

  • dawn rough

    smeel great it smells like cedar i put it on the cedar blocks i got and put them through out my house smells so good

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