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AURA CACIA, Aromatherapy Room Diffuser – 1 unit

The aromatherapy room diffuser is easily used to used to purify and revitalize stale air, to balance, and to rejuvenate homes or offices. Perfect for use with Aura Cacia Essential Oils.

Product Features

  • AURA CACIA Aromatherapy Room Diffuser 1 UNIT

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3 comments to AURA CACIA, Aromatherapy Room Diffuser – 1 unit

  • Toxoplasmosis

    Wonderful, cheap diffuser, been using them for 13+ years I love these. For the price, they simply cannot be beat. If you need long lasting fragrance, you will need a more expensive nebulizer with a timer.Over the course of at least 13 yrs, probably closer to 16, I have ‘burnt out’ at least 2 by negligently leaving them plugged into the wall for months, killing the heating element. There was no reason to do this, the oils are completely diffused within a matter of hours, I simply forgot in underused areas like the basement.They aren’t especially attractive. If your outlets require you to place it in a position other than horizontal, the pad may come out of contact with the heating element, greatly lessening its effectiveness. If the pad is not heated directly, the oils diffuse much more slowly. Depending upon the situation, that can mean they are unnoticeable, or that the fragrance is milder but lasts longer. This can be resolved by using a multi-plug AC adaptor (making it protrude further from the wall). I stick mine hidden behind or below furniture, so that does not matter.Soak a pad with an oil that is not extremely heavy and your room and the one next to it will be filled with natural fragrance within 15 minutes. Natural oils do not last, so that it only lasts a few hours. If you use too much oil, they are diffused too rapidly that your room will be too filled with fragrance. How rapidly each is diffused depends upon the viscosity and molecular weight of each oil, so it is trial and error. Play around with it before you have company, but give your nose time to rest between attempts, too.Before attempting to use this or any other warmer with NON essential oils, remember that those are artificial, unregulated and there are no laws requiring ingredients to be disclosed. There is no way to know exactly what artificial substances you are pumping into your air. This is a much healthier way to fragrance your air than the smoke of incense.Hints: Fragrance obscures other smells, not eliminates them. If your house stank of liver before using this, it will smell again when the oil wears off. If that is your issue, try an air purifier, an ionizer or a product like Smells Be Gone. Stock up on pads, they can be difficult to find! When company is coming, throw in some oils that are commonly used in cleaning, such as lemon, orange, cedar and rosemary, and it will create the impression that you clean more than you do and probably that the environment is cleaner than it is. The effect of scent is largely unconscious. Studies have shown that both men and women find natural vanilla to be attractive and arousing. During cold and allergy seasons, peppermint, eucalyptus or camphor will help open the respiratory tract.

  • M. Wolf

    Good diffuser however bulky size and shape This items functions well. It slowly diffuses oils placed on the padwhat I don’t like is:- the shape – round with a flat front with slats where the pad rests- size almost a racket ball sized item that sticks several inches out from the socket- can not change the orientation of the plugI wanted to put this in a small bathroom where the only plug in was near the vanity.1. too large for the area2. the plug-in for the bathroom is horizontal where this unit is vertical so the pad falls out of the unit. (I’ve solved this some by placing two pads in the unit so that they stay in place even when the unit is side ways)

  • RM

    Good quality I bought this one to replace another I’ve had for years, it’s still one of the best diffusers to get. I use oils when they’re needed, i.e… bug going around or need to relax the atmosphere. So it works very well, no candles, no noise, easy to use and replaceable pads. I really do like this diffuser. Thanks

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