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Aromatherapy Diffuser-Black

• Dispenses scent into the surrounding living space

• Sleek, modern design blends into any décor

• Runs approximately 24 hours with one filling

• Program it to diffuse scent in intervals throughout the day (10 min. on, 20 min. off)

• Black rubber coating

• Automatic shut-off

• Essential oils sold separately

• Available in black, white, yellow or blue

• Plugs into any AC outlet

Product Features

  • BLACK Jasmine Essential Oil Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

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2 comments to Aromatherapy Diffuser-Black

  • F. d'Anconia

    Love It This is perfect for bedside use. It’s virtually silent, it gives a great falling asleep experience with only three drops of oil, it’s easy to clean, and it looks cool.I’ve tried many other options over the years. A mini crockpot (ineffective at diffusing aroma, uses a lot of oil), a thermal diffuser with the little pads (have to keep buying pads, inefficient at dispersing aroma), and a popular fairly expensive diffuser with flashing lights, annoying beeps, and a noisy fan. That one might have been suitable in a big spa room, but not a bedroom.I am so much happier with this one. It should win some kind of design award.

  • M Lee

    More discreet than most diffusers… This little black diffuser seems to be working well so far and I appreciate that it does not stick out like a sore thumb on my counters (it looks like a small mortar bowl, minus the pestle). That being said, I would have loved a little more volume in the vapors. However, it does produce a fair amount, lasts several hours with one fill, and seems to be effective in getting the essential oils dispersed.Overall… good design and value for the money!

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