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Aromatherapy Diffuser Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser 300ml, Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier (Up to 8H Use, Mist Control, Waterless Auto Shut-Off, 4 Timer Settings, 7 Color LED Lights)

Better Smells for Better Living
It’s your space, so let the Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser fill it with only the smells you want. Just add water, place a few drops of your essential oil of choice, and be amazed as unpleasant odors (like stubborn cigarette smoke and pet odors) are rapidly replaced by your favorite fragrances.

Relaxing, Refreshing, Restoring
Feeling tired every day? Then enjoy a pick-me-up with the Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser and the many essential oil flavors out there. Benefits range from reducing fatigue to relieving insomnia to lowering mental stress. It’s time for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep and an energetic morning.

Saving Your Skin
The ultra-quiet portable ultrasonic humidifier keeps your living space clean and properly moisturized. Don’t let prevent dry air, dry skin, and flu/cold germs ruin your day. It’s easy to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially with the huge 300ml water capacity and up to 8 hours of use. The auto shut-off feature will turn the device off when it runs out of water, so keep it on as long as you want.

For Any Décor and Location
7 color changing LED lights (each adjustable with a bright and dim mode) allows the Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser to fit in any room. Watch the hypnotizing display, set it to one color, or even turn it off entirely. Keep one in your bedroom for a better night’s sleep, one in the living room for the family, and then one in the office for mind-soothing restoration at work.

Product Features

  • 【LIFT YOUR MOOD】Fill the air with lovely fragrances that can uplift spirits, relieve stress, and bury unpleasant smells (like cigarette smoke, pet odors, and dirty laundry).
  • 【CLEANSE YOUR LIFE】Ultra-quiet ultrasonic humidifier keeps your living space clean and properly moisturized. Prevent dry air and flu/cold germs from infecting you and your loved ones.
  • 【100% SAFE – ALL DAY OR ALL NIGHT】Huge 300ml capacity for 8 hours of continuous use; 1h, 3h, 6h timer, and continuous mist mode to choose from; Also includes an auto shut-off function when water runs low, providing safety and peace of mind.
  • 【FOR EVER DÉCOR】Includes 7 color changing LED lights (each with a bright and dim mode) that can both blend into and accentuate your home, office, yoga studio, gym, or patio.
  • 【YOUR FRAGRANCE OF CHOICE】Best used with the Anjou Essential Oil Kit, which provides 6 deep relaxation and stress relieving aromas: lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, sweet orange, and lemongrass.

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3 comments to Aromatherapy Diffuser Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser 300ml, Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier (Up to 8H Use, Mist Control, Waterless Auto Shut-Off, 4 Timer Settings, 7 Color LED Lights)

  • W.T.Hoffman

    AROMATHERAPY — Getting Started The ANJOU Aromatherapy diffuser is an attractive way to introduce your home or business to the world of aromatherapy. When you shop for a diffuser, you should start out understanding that most of them work the same way. A chamber of water, into which you put your drops of essential oil, is vibrated by a high frequency ceramic disc at the bottom of the water tank. This produces a cool mist, into which the essential oil is diffused, without being heated. When you heat essential oils, or burn them in candles, you can degrade the quality of the oil. All the different cool mist aromatherapy diffusers sold, have this operation in common. Most diffusers have the LED light show, which morphs colors thru a rainbow spectrum, as a type of nightlight. When you shop for a diffuser, you’re only really deciding on how big you want the water chamber, how you want the mist to come out (heavy, light, or intermittent), and what kind of light show you want (if any.) Beyond that, you’re just shopping for the type of exterior you like. These diffusers are pretty much similar, beyond their appearances.THE ANJOU DIFFUSERThis diffuser holds about 10 ounces of water (300ml). That’s not the largest diffuser water tank I’ve seen, but its twice as big as the smaller models. If you want your diffuser to run longer than 3 hours at a time, or if the room is large, you’ll want the larger tank. This diffuser has a lot of options for how long you want it to run, and how much mist you want it to expel. The MIST option allows you to select HIGH or LOW mist, with the touch of the button. Then, you can select how long you want the mist produced. One hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or let it run continuously until its out of water. (All diffusers have an automatic shut off when the mist runs out, so you don’t crack the ceramic disc which produces the ultrasonic vibrations. ) Also, you can select how you want the LED lightshow to work. You can let it morph thru the colors, let it produce just a certain color (for light therapy, or to match your room’s décor), and if the light bothers you, just keep it turned off. That’s an option too. These are very easy to run. Just pour in cool tap water, a few drops of essential oils, and you are on your way to a room that not only smells good, but has the positive benefits of herbal medicine. Never use “perfume oils” in a diffuser, since those are artificial scents mixed with food dye, and put into a cheap carrier oil. Those perfume oils will mess up the diffuser’s water chamber, causing you to end up with gook on the diffuser’s ceramic disc. The whole idea of a diffuser, is to get away from artificial scents, aerosol spray room fresheners, and other chemicals that cause so many of us (including me) allergy problems. If you have someone in the house with asthma, or other breathing problems, stay away from incense (with its smoke particles), or the artificial chemicals in air fresheners. Stick with real essential oils. Unless you’re allergic to water vapor, or the smell of spices, flowers, or trees, then you’ll never have a problem with essential oils. Diluting the oils into the water vapor, keeps you from the problems some people have, using the essential oils neat (ie undiluted) on the skin. The only warning I’d like to give, is to keep your eyes away from the mist, if you’re diffusing certain oils like peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, and possibly lemon or citrus oils. Even though the oils are watered down by the steam, sticking your eyes directly over the mist output, could possibly irritate some people, especially those who are sensitive to the yang oils (Peppermint, black pepper oil, cinnamon, clove, etc.)WHY AROMATHERAPY?Aromatherapy is a hybrid between perfumery, and herbal medicine. On the one hand, you’re using your diffuser to create a pleasant environment in your home. I’ve always burned incense for that, however, that just puts a lot of smoke particles in the air, and a lot of ash in the incense tray. A diffuser is a much cleaner, healthier way to scent your home other than incense. Of course, as I already said, using air fresheners, or scented candles, just puts artificial scents in the air. At best they smell cheap, at worst they can cause an allergic reaction in people. I threw out any spray can of air fresheners I had lying around. Who needs them? However, the real joy of an aromatherapy diffuser, is to explore the art of aromatherapy. I’ve been into aromatherapy for about 25 years. I started out with 3 or 4 oils, and now have maybe 35 different oils I use, to create tailor made remedies for various illnesses, or to scent my home in a way that best reflects who I am. Why shouldn’t your home’s scent be every bit as personal and individual, as the cologne you wear? The theory behind aromatherapy is simple. The herbs, spices, trees and seeds from which the essential oil is extracted, all have medicinal qualities. If you’ve ever inhaled…

  • Deborrah1

    Look no further – this is the diffuser you been waiting for

  • Jean L.

    Personal Sized Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

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