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Antica Farmacista 100ml Lavender and Lime Blossom Home Ambiance Diffuser wit hTag and Reeds

Antica Farmacista Home Ambiance Fragrance, the signature product in the collection, is a unique and beautiful way to fragrance and decorate the home. The Home Ambiance Fragrances utilize antique-inspired apothecary bottles that are filled with fragrance to permeate the air through the bottles’ open necks. White birch reeds are inserted into the bottle to further diffuse the scent. Invert the reeds every few days or as desired to enhance the effect. The Antica Farmacista fragrance will infuse the air and provide a lasting, constant and beautiful scent.

Product Features

  • Lavanda e Fiore di Tiglio a soft yet sparkly fragrance fusion on pure lavender from Provence Bright notes of French verveine add an uplifting citrus
  • Ingredients are Alcohol Propylene Glycol Fragrance Aqua water Benzopheone
  • Unique and beautiful way to fragrance and decorate your home Provides a lasting constant and beautiful scent

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2 comments to Antica Farmacista 100ml Lavender and Lime Blossom Home Ambiance Diffuser wit hTag and Reeds

  • trailrun

    poorly packaged missing reeds For the price I expected to at least receive something that I could use. I just got a bubblewrapped bottle of very expensive diffuser oil without anything to diffuse the oil with. There were no reeds. For the price I paid I would expect to get the complete item… Beware.

  • Grace

    No Reeds!! I received the bottle but it did not come with reeds. It clearly says “with tag and reeds”!!! I am calling and complaining to Amazon about this. Because the bottle is so small, you also can’t just put any reeds, they have to fit the bottle otherwise it will look ridiculous or tip over. And as other users have stated, it also does not come with packaging. Given that this has happened to more than one person, it is clearly not a mistake, just a way to rip people off.

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