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Almond Oil – 16 oz – Liquid

Almond Oil by Spectrum Essentials 16 oz Liquid Refined Almond Oil A high heat cooking oil rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats with a pure clean flavor. Ingredients 100 Expeller Pressed Naturally Refined Almond Oil.

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2 comments to Almond Oil – 16 oz – Liquid

  • NYFB

    Healthy lotion… I had been looking for a lotion (which is liquid) not a cream (which is solid) for external use, for hands during winter, face after shaving, feet for white dry skin, and for the entire body after mountain biking and surfing in burning sun for years. After shaving regardless wherever on your body, you are not suppose to use cream since it is solid and blocks the skin from breathing. You are suppose to use a lotion. Almond oil and Castor oil are the best for my entire body since both are easily absorbed and won’t clog pores. Both products are considered food grade which means you can cook with it just like olive oil but the difference is that you can use these without even knowing that you have applied any on your skin since it is virtually odourless. Any oil from any nut or whole grain like brown rice will go rancid in less than six months so purchasing huge amount of nut oil will have no nutritional value shortly after production so I refill my small container mixing castor+almond which I keep in my bathroom drawer next to my shaving blade which is dark, away from any light and the rest wrapped in a black plastic bag in the freezer. Just like olive oil, it should never be exposed to any light. The mix is excellent for removal of black spots on skin, burned skin, massage, headache and much more and that is why I mix almond+castor. The almond oil, or any nut oil should be Expeller-Pressed with no added additives of any sort. Any nut oil should be good enough that you can consume it raw or use it in cooking and Spectrum is the better one since it really is sold all over right next to all other cooking oils instead of health section. I like Spectrum because of the glass container.


    I use this for a moisturizer Light almond oil that is fantastic as a moisturizer. I use it on arms and legs, winter and summer. It’s filled with vitamin E. Great stuff.

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