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8 Ounce Texas Cedarwood Oil (Juniperus mexicana)

An environmentally friendly and all natural product. Pure Texas Cedarwood Oil has not been diluted. Ideal for Do It Yourselfers refinishing Cedar Wood Chests, Boxes and Closets. Crafters working with candles, soaps and perfumes add a woodsy undertone to their blends.

Product Features

  • Handy Spray Bottle for Treating Small to Medium Chests and Closets
  • A Natural Reinvigorator of Aromatic Cedar Wood’s Insect Repellency
  • 100% Pure Texas Cedarwood Oil Steam Distilled From Texas Red Cedar
  • Juniperus mexicana Essential Oil
  • No additives to add bulk nor to change the natural amber color

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3 comments to 8 Ounce Texas Cedarwood Oil (Juniperus mexicana)

  • lawyerwhocooks "lawyerwhocooks"

    Quality Cedar Oil I purchased this product (both the Virgina Cedar oil and the Texas cedar oil) from the same vendor on a well known auction website. The product comes in a variety of sizes (e.g., 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz.) and delivery methods (e.g., glass bottle; plastic bottle with sprayer). I am very impressed with the quality of the oil and its scent. I use a lot of oils (essential oils as well as carrier oils) in various body and household products, as well as candles (it’s a hobby of mine), so compared to the cedar oils I’ve purchased from five other vendors, this product is just as good if not better. Also, the price is very reasonable, compared to the online essential/carrier oil dealers I have used in the past.HOW TO USE: There are a lot of different ways to use cedar oils. Here are a few uses I prefer:1. DIFFUSER: 1 part oil, 2 parts dipropylene glycol (a scent diffusing fluid used in diffuser oils), and 2 parts unscented alcohol (be sure there is NO ACETONE in your alcohol; FYI, you can buy perfumers alcohol online or just use a very barely scented rubbing alcohol, which has worked well for me). You can leave out the dipropylene glycol, but the oil will disperse more quickly. There are a lot of DIY diffuser recipes on the ‘net, and dipropylene glycol is easy to find. I keep an inexpensive glass antique jar 1/2 full of this mixture on a table out of sunlight, and I use 6-10 bamboo reeds as diffusers (available at the same auction site under “diffuser reeds” for apx ten dols for 100 reeds). I keep another “cedar oil diffuser” jar on the floor of the closet in which we keep our wool clothes, like suits. Every two weeks, replace the diffuser reeds and check the jars – refill if necessary (Sometimes the mixture will collect dust, get thick and cloudly, and won’t diffuse well. Just rinse out the jar and refill with fresh mixture.)2. REFRESH CEDAR CLOSET, CHEST and CEDAR BOARDS: I use a paint brush (3 in. wide, you could use any width) to “paint” the oil onto lightly sanded cedar boards in the closets of our almost 100 y.o. house. The cedar planks are so old that sanding alone would never wake up the scent enough to drive bugs away, but sanding accompanied by applying a fresh coat of cedar oil works to give your chests and closets a wonderful cedar scent. The oil absorbs very quickly, and even the “moist” appearance on the wood should disappear within a week. I would not allow clothes to touch the painted area until you feel, based upon touch and lightly pressing a paper towel to the surface of the wood, that it is safe to allow clothes to touch the surface. We have unfinished eastern red cedar wood railing in an old log cabin we refurbished (older than the home mentioned above), and I “refresh” that wonderful scent – and the beautiful red/white patterns in the wood – by painting the railing with cedar oil every so often. The house smells fantastic, and the wood looks fresh-cut, for two months or more. Again, be sure that no upholstery touches the wet/oiled wood during the drying phase.ABOUT MOTHS: Folks, short of pesticide and our grandmother’s mothballs, I do not believe the cedar wood or cedar oil alone with rid you of moths you already have. I do believe that cedar wood, frequently refeshed by sanding and applying oil, will help keep the critters at bay. Please don’t expect miracles of bug attrition just because you spray cedar oil in your closets once a year, particularly if you already have moth problems.STAINING: This is an OIL – you CANNOT spray this product directly onto clothes or anything that will touch your clothes. Personally, I prefer glass bottles to plastic for all oils, particularly distilled and essential oils, because the oils sometimes degrade plastic over time, and the oils also may pick up a plastic scent (although I have not yet had a problem with the cedar oil I purchased in the plastic bottle about a year ago).TEXAS vs. VIRGINIA: I slightly prefer the Virginia cedar oil because the scent most closely matches the scent of the cedar here in Georgia, and brings back memories of when we first renovated our cabin. I find the Virginia cedar oil slightly sweeter, but both are strong and work well. Recommended!

  • Susan Damegreene "Susan DameGreene"

    Great oil for keeping moths away AND smells wonderful I wanted to keep moths away without pesticides. This not only does that, it smells good too.I put in on some old cedar blocks I had and also on some cotton balls in a plastic dish in the bottom of each closet. Worked like a charm!!

  • kitty

    excellent product and a company serious about cedar! I received the bottle of Cedarwood Oil this week and used it to recondition our old cedar closet. The spray bottle had more than enough to work with for the closet, smelled lovely and had a really nice spray pump on the top that didn’t get stuck like on other spray bottles. The bottle also came with a “cedar oil analysis report” indicating the type of oil, color, smell etc… You know you’re dealing with a serious cedar company when the product comes with an analysis report! Will definitely buy again from this seller. Thank you for a lovely product.

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