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30 Rattan Diffuser Reed Sticks Replacement

These all natural reed diffusers are 3mm in diameter and allow the maximum wicking of reed diffuser oil.

These reed diffusers are carefully cut to prevent the rattan tubes from being crushed or compressed which would prevent the fragrance from flowing to the top (product image is actual reed diffusers being sold).

Product Features

  • 10 5/8″ length, 3mm diameter
  • Cut on ultra sharp blades which allows scent to flow easily
  • 3mm diameter allows maximum wicking of scent
  • Place as many Diffuser Reeds in a jar of reed diffuser oil as you’d like. We find that 3-5 works just fine, but many people add more (8,10,12+). Know that the more reeds you use, the more fragrance is released, and the quicker the liquid is used up.

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