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100% Pure Unrefined Organic Raw SHEA BUTTER – (1 Pound) from the nut of the African Ghana Shea Tree


The commercial method of extracting Shea Butter has also added to the perplexity of Shea Butter. Shea Butter is used as an ingredient in soaps, shampoos, conditioners, hair relaxers, lotions, hand & body creams etc… There is nothing wrong with using Shea Butter as an ingredient as long as it is Unrefined Shea Butter and not processed or refined. If Shea Butter is added to products and the portions are generous along with other natural and/or organic ingredients, the product is good. However, when the Shea Butter is not listed as a RAW ingredient, and is listed as one of the last ingredients, it is not worth buying. Unfortunately, many companies will use Shea Butter to market their products using scarce amounts of Shea Butter which may ultimately be refined and/or processed. Processing/refining Raw Shea Butter takes away it’s natural healing properties. It is important to preserve the ancient methods of Shea Butter by using it in its RAW state rather than processed.

UNREFINED COLOR – because Unrefined Shea Butter is extracted traditionally or cold pressed, the color may vary between light grey, ivory/almond pale and light yellow. The color of Unrefined Shea Butter depends on the Shea Nut itself. Due to the nature of the nuts, the color of Unrefined Shea Butter may vary. Light to medium yellow colored Shea Butter has a root extract added to it, not palm/palm kernal oil ( this is added by sellers for show) One cannot judge the quality and authenticity of Unrefined Shea Butter solely based on color. Texture and quality is imperative when purchasing/using Shea Butter. Try not to base your knowledge of Shea Butter by color first. Look at quality and natural smoky nutty scent.

Product Features

  • Unrefined Shea Butter is…naturally rich in a number of vitamins. Vitamins A, E, F and K are the most popular.
  • Vitamin E balances and normalizes the skin. Helps keep it clear and healthy, particularly beneficial for dry or sun-exposed skin.
  • Vitamin A has soothing and hydrating properties which provides healthy skin collagen in order to prevent premature wrinkles, premature facial lines and premature slackened skin.
  • Vitamin F – Acts as a skin protector and revitalizer. It soothes rough, dry or chapped skin on contact and helps soften and revitalize dry or damaged hair. Vitamin F consists of linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids, the three essential fatty acids.

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3 comments to 100% Pure Unrefined Organic Raw SHEA BUTTER – (1 Pound) from the nut of the African Ghana Shea Tree

  • Christy B

    True Ivory Shea: Here’s How to Make your Shea Butter I thought I would make a video review, and maybe I’ll get to that later, but for now I’ll just review and tell you how to make your own Shea Butter.Like everyone else said, it comes double bagged so the packaging isn’t the best. However, mine was sealed well and not damaged and I was perfectly fine with it. It was true ivory Shea, which generally means pure. It wasn’t rancid or anything like that either. That smell is what it should smell like if not refined and without additives.Overall, the quality was very high and quite a bargain when you consider that most products that say they are Shea based contain only a spoon full or two per container in reality. This allows a much higher level of purity for anything you’d like to Shea up. Very pleased with it and I do plan to re-order. I’ll be making home made shea butter in custom scents for everyone for Christmas this year!That said, it can be a bit difficult to use and does leave a smell when you don’t doctor it up. So I do. Here is the easiest way to do it for you too.To Make Shea Butter:1) Very slowly melt your shea in a double boiler OR by floating a bowl containing the shea in a large pot. Use very low heat since it melts at body temperature. The more heat, the more vitamins you take out of it so less is better.2) Once mostly melted (you can leave some chunks), you can let it settle some to be sure there are no sediments (also normal for unrefined though mine had none) and then pour the liquid carefully into another bowl for mixing, leaving the sediments behind.3) Add about 5 ounces of various oils to one pound of Shea. I added 2 ounces of Sweet Almond Oil, 2 ounces of Hazelnut Oil and 1/2 ounce of Wheat Germ Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil each.4) Mix using a hand mixer (not your kitchen aid) on whip for a long time. To shorten the time, just mix it enough to fully incorporate the oils (maybe 2 minutes) and then put the bowl into the fridge for 10 minutes. It will form a white layer on top of cooled shea. Then you take it out and keep mixing. It will take so long that you’ll think you’re doing it wrong, but you’re not. Just keep going. Eventually, you’ll start forming something that looks like frosting that smells a lot better than plain Shea.5) Add your scent oils. I use pure essential oils and I made 2 batches. One Rosemary Mint and one Lavendar Orange. Both lovely. You’ll need to decide your own amounts on this but you don’t need a whole lot of it. Then mix it in and voila, you’re done. Spoon into whatever containers you’d like to use. I used pyrex bowls with the plastic lids.6) Makes about 5 pints. It will re-stiffen, but not as much as before, and will spread and melt more easily. Also soaks in a tad faster.

  • Kendra Patocki

    Don’t worry or be skeptical, you can believe the reviews. Your money will NOT be wasted! My skin is well, kinda yucky. I suffer from combination skin and large pores on my face, dry scaly/bumpy skin on my body (super-prone to razor bumps and rashes-gross!)…and to top it off, hereditary stretch marks! Never had any children, but I have them anyway! I started getting them when I was 11 years old after a quick growth spurt on my arms, legs…pretty much everywhere. Needless to say I’ve led a covered up, self concsious existence. I hate declaring my flaws like this, but this is a public service, right? When I was in high-school, I discovered tanning which really helped me with smoothing out my skin and minimizing these issues (yay SUN!).Recently however, my Father has developed cancerous tissues since taking up golfing in his retirement (boo CANCER!), and it has freaked out my sister and I so we’ve BOTH stopped with the tanning…really, what a horrible thing to do anyway…but when you find something that works…you sometimes mindlessly just do it.So if somebody tells me this Shea Butter stuff causes cancer, I’m just going to become a hermit because I gotta tell you…IT WORKS! I mean, almost IMMEDIATELY, I started to notice it attacking the issues on my skin. When you rub it in, the first thing you notice is, it stinks. It smells like a health food store. So, plan on spritzing something else on over it! But don’t however buy the “Golden” shea butter, while it DOES moisturize…it’s not pure, so it doesn’t have the healing qualities. You’ll also notice it’s chunky and a little hard to work with, so you have to palm it, and work it a bit to get it to a point where it will apply to your skin.THEN you must rub….and rub, and then rub some more. Massage those troubled areas (for me, that’s everywhere)! Get the bloodflow moving, and get that stuff worked in as much as possible. You’ll never get it all the way DRY, that’s just how it is, it’s going to bead water–it’s butter. But it’s not an oily thing, it won’t stain your clothes. Then sit back and let it do it’s thing.Whatever that is, I don’t know the science! To me it’s just awesome! In a little under 1 week, I noticed the skin inside some of my stretch marks start to soften, and the backs of my arms get SMOOTH, shaving got easier too. (I still use the Vanish pfb because I’m paranoid, however)The craziest thing though was, I had a giant gash on my leg where I’d fallen off my bike…and in 2 days this stuff healed more of the tissue than over 1 month of Neosporin…and that is the God’s Honest Truth. I am NOT a health-nut-type, Noni-juice-drinking, copper-bracelet-type person at ALL…these are cold, hard factual observations by an EXTREMELY AVERAGE 33-YEAR-OLD GIRL from Detroit-ish Michigan. You can check my references. :) You’re going to start noticing too, just how MANY products out there have shea butter in them…and then go ahead and throw some petroleum-based fillers in them (which actually DRY-OUT your skin & lips), and how much money you’ve wasted over the years! So go do your duty and spread the word to your friends & family now that you KNOW the truth!!

  • E. Williams "dew drop"

    Great product – no packaging Five stars for the product because it really works well, but be aware that it comes in a plastic bag. No jar…just a double wrapped sheet of plastic. You need to have some kind of container to put it into once it’s been opened so it stays fresh.

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